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Xen Virtualization Certification

Xen Virtualization Certification



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Xen Virtualization Certification

What is Xen Virtualization?

Xen virtualization refers to an open-source virtualization technology which you can use primarily in consolidating numerous operating systems so you can start running or operating on one server, isolate any applications that show misbehavior, normalize all the hardware accessed by different operating systems and migrate any operating system instances from a single physical server to another. It should be noted that an environment which is mainly based upon Xen virtualization has unique components. One of these is the Xen hypervisor which is also called a virtual machine monitor and appears to be a software program which is open source and works in effectively coordinating low-key interactions between physical hardware and virtual machines.

Another essential component of an environment mainly based upon Xen is the VM Guest or a virtual machine based on Xen which is also composed of more than 1 virtual disk with bootable operating systems, modifiable configuration details about the virtual machine and multiple network devices. Other major components of this environment are Domain0, configuration files, commands and tools that allow you to have an easier time managing virtualization. One of the major advantages of Xen virtualization is that it gives you the opportunity to efficiently use your server since you are allowed to operate all your computer systems within just 1 server. This will allow you to save a considerable amount of money. It is also a huge help in reducing maintenance costs while also helping companies establish an effective disaster recovery plan.

Brainmeasures Xen Virtualization Certification Program

Becoming a Xen virtualization expert is now easier because Brainmeasures which is widely recognized for the reliability and extensiveness of all the online certification courses that it offers is now providing interested individuals and professionals with a Xen virtualization certification program. One of the many things that this Xen virtualization certification course can do for you is to improve your confidence in the field of operating a Xen-based virtualization environment. It lets you enjoy a Xen virtualization training which works in effectively enhancing your proficiency and understanding in running Xen virtualization, the scope of this technology, the benefits that it offers, its major components and how each of these work and how to make this technology work to your greatest advantage. With your Xen virtualization certificate around, you can start to easily impress those who may need your service for a fee.

Highlights of the Xen Virtualization Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Due to the proven extensiveness of the Xen virtualization certification program offered by Brainmeasures, it is greatly possible for you to generate a more comprehensive knowledge about this popular technology right after completing it. With the help of Xen virtualization certification, you can easily work in the following positions:

  • Introduction to Xen, its most common definitions, its scope and the benefits that it can offer
  • Understanding the most common terminologies used in the Xen technology
  • Basics of operating Xen
  • Using binary packages to install Xen
  • Basics of installing Xen from source
  • A more comprehensive overview about the basics of building virtual machines
  • Planning to create the most effective domains for the Xen technology
  • Using physical address extensions
  • Learning how to bootstrap an Ubuntu system
  • Steps and procedures that you need to undertake when installing NetBSD
  • Taking advantage of images based on Xen that come from jailtime.org
  • How to effectively manage Xen technology?
  • Understanding the configuration files of the Xen domain
  • A more comprehensive overview about the user interface of Xen management
  • Basics of installing and operating XenMan
  • Taking advantage of bridged and routed networking
  • Understanding how virtual local network which comes with a network address translation works
  • Introduction to logical volume management and its importance
  • Gathering more information about all the available options for advanced storage
  • Getting to know more about encryption and the device mapper based encryption
  • Major requirements designed for migrating domains into your Xen-based server

Beneficiaries of Xen Virtualization Certification Program

Anyone who wishes to establish a virtualization environment which is fully based upon Xen can take part in the Xen virtualization certification program offered by Brainmeasures. It caters to the needs of IT and network professionals, developers, programmers and any other individuals whose responsibilities involve the effective use of the Xen virtualization technology and making sure that its benefits are achieved.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Xen Virtualization Certification Course

A Xen virtualization certification is also extremely beneficial for you if you have longed to start accessing numerous jobs. With the presence of your certificate, working in the following positions will become a great possibility:

  • Xen Virtualization Manager
  • Xen Virtualization Consultant
  • Xen Virtualization Systems Engineer
  • Xen Virtualization Systems Architect
  • Xen Virtualization Developer

Expected Salary for Xen Virtualization Certification Holders

Your chances of enjoying an even higher salary are also increased after you become a holder of a Xen virtualization certification. You can take full advantage of your certificate by applying for a Xen virtualization consultant position and earn approximately $66,000 to $97,000 annually. Working as a Xen virtualization developer can also offer you financial benefits since this profession lets you receive around $98,000 to $150,000 yearly.


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