Statistical Analysis with R Certification

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Statistical Analysis with R Certification

Statistical Analysis with R Certification



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Statistical Analysis with R Certification

What is Statistical Analysis with R?

Statistical analysis refers to the set of methods that are now primarily used in processing huge amounts of data and then reporting their overall trends. This process is now extremely useful when it comes to dealing with somewhat noisy and confusing data. It works in offering information about the most effective ways that you can use to report objectively how unusual a specific event is especially if it is dependent upon historical data. It should be noted that the term statistical analysis with R refers to the process of using the R programming language when it comes to performing the statistical analysis process. R can actually be defined as an effective and popular open source programming language which also serves as a software environment and is proven to be extremely useful in the field of statistical graphics and computing. This programming language is now widely used by data miners and statisticians especially in establishing statistical software and performing the data analysis process.

Using R for statistical and data analysis is really a huge help for you. It offers a wide range of graphical and statistical techniques like nonlinear and linear modeling, time series analysis, clustering, classification and classical statistical tests that are extremely useful in your attempt to accurately and effectively perform your statistical analysis tasks. The good thing about R programming is that you can also extend it through extensions and functions and this will further improve its effectiveness in helping you achieve the best results out of statistical analysis.

Brainmeasures Statistical Analysis with R Certification Program

The statistical analysis with R certification program which is now introduced by Brainmeasures to the public is ideal for you if you wish to become a certified professional in the field of running the R programming language to help you in effectively performing the whole statistical analysis process. This statistical analysis with R course is guaranteed to help you maximize the level of your understanding about this specific topic. This online certification program gives you the opportunity to undergo a statistical analysis training which is a major help in your attempt to understand the process of using R programming for statistical analysis, the major benefits of R, tools and techniques that you can use in maximizing the positive impact of R to statistical analysis and a more comprehensive guide that will help you in easily and effectively conducting and communicating statistical analysis with R. Earning a certificate in this field is a major help when attempting to hold a proof of your proficiency in this specific field.

Highlights of the Statistical Analysis with R Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures statistical analysis with R certification program is said to be really remarkable because of its wide coverage. It means that this online certification course covers all essential topics linked to using R when executing statistical analysis including the following:

  • Different tools that are now used for data analysis
  • Understanding R, its benefits and the major reasons why you should use this programming language when trying to perform statistical analysis
  • How to collect and organize information designed for the whole analysis process?
  • Effectively assessing the present situation so you can efficiently plan for the best attack
  • Downloading and installing R
  • Basics of issuing your first command using R
  • Establishing a working directory which is fully based upon R
  • Basics of R console visualization
  • How to create and call variables?
  • Steps that you need to take when trying to access data inside variables
  • Basics of variable data manipulation
  • Improving your knowledge about R workspace management
  • Saving and loading contents for the R workspace
  • Creating an initial inference based on data
  • Basics of quantifying categorical variables
  • Using simple linear regression for modelling
  • Interpreting the different model summaries so you can compare and choose efficiently

Beneficiaries of Statistical Analysis with R Certification Program

The statistical analysis with R certification program offered by Brainmeasures is proven to be really beneficial to hundreds of professionals in the data and statistical analysis industry. It works suitably for all data or statistical analysts, mathematicians, statisticians, researches, IT professionals or anyone who wishes to learn more about every aspect related to analyzing data and statistics with the help of the R programming language.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Statistical Analysis with R Certification Course

Using R for data and statistical analysis is now so widespread so it is no longer surprising if you will be able to access numerous jobs upon receiving your statistical analysis with R certification. Here are just few of the many opportunities that are going to be laid out for you upon completing the course:

  • Statistical Analysis with R Consultant
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Statistical Analysis with R Programmer
  • Statistical Analysis with R Specialist
  • Statistical Analysis with R Implementer

Expected Salary for Statistical Analysis with R Certification Holders

If you have longed to enjoy an improved salary, then expect your statistical analysis with R certification to also help you out. Upon showing your competence in the field through the certification that you hold, you can easily get the position of a statistical analysis with R consultant and earn at least $60,000 every year. Getting a statistical analyst position is also a good thing for you since it lets you enjoy an average yearly salary of $79,000.


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