PHP6 and MySQL Certification

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PHP6 and MySQL Certification

PHP6 and MySQL Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

PHP6 and MySQL Certification

What is PHP6 and MySQL?

Using PHP6 and MySQL together is considered by a lot of programmers as the best way to develop the most effective programs, applications and websites. PHP6 is the newest version of PHP which continuously dominates the scripting market’s server side while MySQL continues to act as the leading and the most effective open source database available in the market. Using the two is said to be really effective in establishing the most dynamic, powerful and fully functional websites that are mainly driven by database. PHP6 version actually contains numerous features that make it truly impressive to millions of programmers and developers. One of these is its new Unicode support which you can set based on request and is capable of taking advantage of more resources. PHP6 also comes with a safe mode feature which continues to please developers since it works in further boosting the level of security for PHP.

Extensions like XMLWriter and XMLReader are also available in this specific version of PHP and these extensions can be expected to be around by default while being capable of moving into core distribution. Other great features of PHP6 include the hardened PHP patch, type hinted return values, namespaces and static binding. MySQL also continues to provide benefits to its users including being easy to learn, easily customizable, inexpensive, ability to support data recovery and ability to effectively manage enterprise grade applications.

Brainmeasures PHP6 and MySQL Certification Program

If you want to start taking advantage of both PHP6 and MySQL in developing the most robust programs, applications and websites, then it is advisable for you to first increase the level of your understanding about them by enrolling in the related online certification course offered by Brainmeasures called PHP6 and MySQL certification program. You will surely enjoy enrolling in this PHP6 and MySQL course because it continues to work effectively in supplying the most detailed information about PHP6 and MySQL. By enrolling in this course, you will find the company’s PHP6 and MySQL training easily accessible and this can help you in your attempt to learn more about both PHP6 and MySQL, their individual benefits and functions and the specific roles that each of them play when it comes to establishing programs, websites and applications. Receiving a PHP6 and MySQL certificate is even more enjoyable since you will feel greatly satisfied that you can now show something to prove your expertise in using both PHP6 and MySQL.

Highlights of the PHP6 and MySQL Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures PHP6 and MySQL certification program can be expected to work for you if you want to be recognized in the IT industry because of your skilfulness and adeptness when it comes to using PHP6 and MySQL together. With this PHP6 and MySQL certification course, you will be able to greatly expand your knowledge about the following topics:

  • Introduction to PHP and the PHP6 version
  • Major reasons why you should consider using PHP and MySQL together
  • A more comprehensive overview about server side scripting
  • Improving your knowledge about the syntax, variable, control structures, functions, arrays and the string and number handling in PHP
  • Taking advantage of PHP to pass information
  • Basics of integrating MySQL
  • Major steps involved in effective MySQL installation
  • Improving your knowledge about SQL or the structured query language
  • How to effectively integrate MySQL and PHP?
  • Basics of performing queries for database
  • Integrating databases and web forms
  • Techniques that will allow you to improve the efficiency of database
  • A clearer understanding about object-oriented PHP
  • Understanding how the most advanced array functions work
  • Basics of effectively scrutinizing regular expressions
  • Effectively dealing with file system, sessions and cookies
  • Learning more about the different types and the advanced functions of PHP
  • Boosting the security of PHP
  • Steps that will allow you to efficiently configure PHP
  • Basics of debugging programs that are based on PHP

Beneficiaries of PHP6 and MySQL Certification Program

Professionals working in the IT industry are among the many people who can expect to generate a wide range of benefits from taking part in the PHP6 and MySQL certification program offered by Brainmeasures. It actually works for all website designers, programmers, developers, coders and any other professionals who are planning to establish powerful websites that are capable of exhibiting more complex behaviours.

Job Opportunities after Completing a PHP6 and MySQL Certification Course

Your decision to enrol in a PHP6 and MySQL certification course and complete it can also work effectively in dramatically raising the number of your employment opportunities. Holding a certificate in the field allows you to become even more effective in any of the following positions:

  • PHP Web Developer
  • PHP Consultant
  • PHP Programmer
  • MySQL Administrator
  • PHP and MySQL Specialist

Expected Salary for PHP6 and MySQL Certification Holders

Earning a PHP6 and MySQL certification can also do a lot of great things to increase your income. It gives you the opportunity to work as a certified PHP developer and earn around $51,000 to $94,000 every year. You can also use your certificate to work as a MySQL administrator and enjoy an annual salary within the usual range of $82,000 to $127,000.


PHP6 and MySQL Certification

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