Special Education Assessment Certification

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Special Education Assessment Certification

Special Education Assessment Certification



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Special Education Assessment Certification

What is Special Education Assessment?

Special education assessment can be defined as a process which involves the task of gathering information about a young student or a child as a means of formulating decisions about his/her potential strengths, weaknesses, disabilities and specific areas that need attention. It is also used in determining the student’s extent of exceptionality. It is also conducted as a means of determining the eligibility of a child to undergo special education. The whole special education assessment process can be executed either on a formal basis with the help of more standardized tests or an informal basis with the help of observation and the collection, scoring, interpretation and recording of vital child information. This can also be conducted in various levels of suspected disabilities including academic functioning, cognitive functioning, sensory processing, behavior, attention, memory, neuropsychological, visual processing speech and language and auditory processing.

In order for the special education assessment process to be successfully and properly implemented, you need to strictly follow a few essential procedures. These include administering the whole process using the primary language of the child, making sure that it is administered with the help of the most knowledgeable and trained staff who are capable of efficiently explaining the best results, using validity as a means of measuring any quantifiable results, utilizing the most effective strategies and tools and administering it without any signs of discrimination. Correctly performing the process is a major help in measuring the specific level of learning that the child has learned in the past and should learn in the future.

Brainmeasures Special Education Assessment Certification Program

Brainmeasures special education assessment certification program is the most suitable online certification program for you if your desire to effectively implement the whole special education assessment process is strong. This special education assessment course aims to help anyone who wishes to fully comprehend all the basic steps involved in assessing the special education needs of children. It offers a special education assessment training which is guaranteed to help you completely understand the scope of the process, its benefits, the steps linked to its implementation, the best tools that you can use to effectively perform the process and the methods that you can use to accurately interpret the results of the assessment. Receiving a special education assessment certificate is very rewarding since this will serve as your ticket towards showing off your competence in successfully implementing the process.

Highlights of the Special Education Assessment Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The special education assessment certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures can be a huge help for you especially if you strongly aim to understand all the procedures involved in the execution of the process. This program will always be around to help its participants generate a clearer understanding about the following essential topics:

  • Generating a more complete understanding about special education assessment
  • Importance of implementing the special education assessment process
  • Major purposes of assessing the special education needs of present and potential students
  • Understanding the major differences between assessment and testing
  • Major roles played by education professionals in the field of special education
  • Beneficiaries of special education including those who are dealing with autism, developmental delay, deaf-blindness, mental retardation, emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities, orthopaedic impairment and hearing impairment
  • Understanding speech or language impairment, visual impairment and traumatic brain injuries and how these affect the learning ability of children
  • Identifying students who have greater chances of exhibiting disabilities
  • Getting to know more about high risk students and identifying their problem’s severity
  • Tension and its effects to high risk students
  • Dealing with behavioural patterns usually exhibited by high risk students
  • Understanding the child study team and the basics of making referrals
  • Getting familiar with the most effective classroom management techniques
  • Comprehending the different methods used for special education assessment

Beneficiaries of Special Education Assessment Certification Program

The special education assessment certification program available at Brainmeasures is developed in a very functional manner so it is greatly possible for a lot of individuals and professionals to enjoy remarkable benefits from it. It caters to the needs of all aspiring special education assessment experts including school psychologists, special education teachers, physical therapists, educational diagnosticians and behavioural consultants.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Special Education Assessment Certification Course

Holding a special education assessment certification also entitles you to access numerous job offers. The following jobs are ideal for your skills and expertise after you complete the special education assessment certification course:

  • Special Education Assessment Specialist
  • Special Education Assessment Consultant
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Behavioural Consultant
  • Occupational Therapist

Expected Salary for Special Education Assessment Certification Holders

Your special education assessment certification will also serve as a medium towards earning a more stable income. With the help of your certificate, you can easily work as a special education assessment consultant and receive an average of $65,000 yearly. Your decision to work as a special education assessment specialist can also benefit you financially because it lets you enjoy around $55,000 to $91,000 every year.


Special Education Assessment Certification

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