Canning and Preserving Certification

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Canning and Preserving Certification

Canning and Preserving Certification



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Canning and Preserving Certification

What is Canning and Preserving?

In the field of preserving foods, canning is considered as one of the safest and the most important procedures. But you need to make sure that you properly and correctly practice this method to guarantee the most desirable results out of this method. This process actually involves placing foods in containers such as jars and heating them up using a temperature which is capable of destroying microorganisms that may trigger food spoilage. During the process of heating, you need to drive the air out of the jar. This will allow a vacuum seal to form once the container cools. This seal works by preventing air from going back into the food products while also bringing out microorganisms that have the tendency to contaminate into the air. This is a huge help in ensuring that the foods inside the container are preserved.

It should be noted that the canning process which is used to preserve foods can be safely executed using two methods. The first one is referred to as the boiling water bath method which is ideal for fruits, jams, pickles, tomatoes, jellies and other types of preserves and the second one is pressure canning which is the safest method primarily designed to preserve meats, seafood, vegetables and poultry. Aside from canning, there are also other methods that you can use when it comes to preserving foods and these include freezing, drying, refrigeration, salting, vacuum packing, jellying and smoking.

Brainmeasures Canning and Preserving Certification Program

If you plan to learn canning and preserving, then be aware that you can now easily reach this aim if you participate in the canning and preserving certification program which is now accessible at Brainmeasures, the leading and the most well-recognized provider of online certification programs at present. This canning and preserving course is a huge help for you especially if you wish to enrol in a well-detailed course capable of providing you the most accurate information about the different food preservation methods, specifically canning. With the help of the offered canning and preserving training of Brainmeasures, you will have greater chances of understanding the importance of food preservation, the specific factors that may cause foods to become spoiled, the basics of performing food preservation methods and the specific steps and procedures that you need to undertake when planning to use the safest canning methods to preserve your foods. Receiving a canning and preserving certificate is a good thing for you since it can help prove your high level of proficiency and competence in the food preservation industry.

Highlights of the Canning and Preserving Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Enrolling in the canning and preserving certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is extremely beneficial for you because of its ability to provide you with a more thorough explanation about how food preservation especially canning works. This online certification course can give you a more detailed overview about the following vital topics:

  • Introduction to the safest forms of canning and preservation
  • Reaping the most remarkable benefits out of executing the different food preservation methods such as canning, freezing, drying, curing, salting and smoking
  • Basics of fermenting and juicing foods
  • Identifying the level of acidity of your foods
  • How to prevent and instantly detect spoilage?
  • Basics of gathering the freshest ingredients and preserving them to maintain their freshness
  • How to choose the best varieties and the most ideal produce for different types of foods?
  • Basics of examining the major source of your water and understanding its impurities
  • Gathering the most essential preserving and canning tools and equipment including bowls, pans, pots and other utensils
  • Choosing the perfect canning gear for you
  • How to choose the best freezing, drying and smoking tools?
  • Basics of canning fruits
  • How to identify the correct degree of fruit ripeness?
  • Basics of preventing food discoloration
  • How to safely can tomatoes?

Beneficiaries of Canning and Preserving Certification Program

The canning and preserving certification program which is introduced by Brainmeasures to the public can be expected to help you out if you plan to become part of the food preservation industry. It is more beneficial for food specialists, preservers, food security experts and anyone who wish to get to know more about preserving foods and making sure that these remain safe for a longer period.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Canning and Preserving Certification Course

The need to preserve foods is extremely strong at present so your decision to enrol in a canning and preserving certification course can be expected to help you access several jobs. With the presence of your certificate in the canning and preserving field, you will have greater chances of working in the following positions:

  • Food Preservation Specialist
  • Food Canning and Preserving Consultant
  • Food Preservation Scientist
  • Food Processing Manager
  • Food Preservation Consultant

Expected Salary for Canning and Preserving Certification Holders

Your decision to complete a canning and preserving certification program is also a huge help in getting a much higher pay. You can use your certificate to work as a food preservation specialist and receive an average annual salary of $68,000. If you decide to work as a food canning and preserving consultant, then expect to start earning within the range of $70,000 to $111,000 annually.


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Canning and Preserving Certification

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