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Quantitative Methods Certification

Quantitative Methods Certification



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Quantitative Methods Certification

What are Quantitative Methods?

Quantitative methods refer to a variety of statistical and mathematical techniques that are primarily used in effectively analyzing data. These methods help political scientists in drawing a wide array of sources such as qualitative data including unstructured interviews, participant objective and documents and quantitative data including those that are taken from surveys as a means of testing empirical hypotheses and theories. Quantitative data may also be taken from aggregate statistics including census materials, cross national statistical series and election results. A lot of experts also define quantitative methods as research methods that do not rely too much on observations, focus groups, case studies, subjective reports and questionnaires. These are more concerned about collecting and analyzing statistics and numerical data. It also involves the utilization of mathematical, computational and statistical methods as a means of systematically and empirically investigating social phenomena.

Quantitative methods are capable of producing information on specific cases that are being studied. These methods also have the ability of identifying more general conclusions as hypothesis. If you want to become an expert when it comes to using the techniques, then be aware that these are also extremely useful in verifying which among the general hypothesis are accurate and true. This is the major reason why the methods are now widely used in various aspects including the assessment of political stability and violence and the behavior of legislators.

Brainmeasures Quantitative Methods Certification Program

Brainmeasures quantitative methods certification program is the most strongly recommended online certification program for you if your aim is to master all the aspects linked to using quantitative methods. This quantitative methods course is proven to be really amazing since it is filled with the most accurate and updated information relevant to the said methods. It also gives you the chance to undergo a quantitative methods training which is a huge help in your attempt to fully understand the strategies, their scope, individual functions and benefits, how you can use them in various aspects of your business organization, the basics of acquiring accurate and vital data through the methods and how you can make the most out of correctly implementing the most effective quantitative techniques. Earning a quantitative methods certificate from Brainmeasures can definitely help you work in the industry with confidence since you know that your knowledge and skills are enough to compete with the other experts.

Highlights of the Quantitative Methods Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures quantitative methods certification program is one of the company’s most detailed online certification courses so you have an assurance that your desired level of knowledge about the field will be reached. With the help of this certification course, you will have greater chances of becoming more knowledgeable in the following related topics:

  • Introduction to quantitative methods and the basics of working with numbers in the business field
  • Understanding the key arithmetical procedures
  • Taking advantage of technology by using EXCEL, SPSS, MINITAB and calculators
  • A more comprehensive overview about linear models and equations
  • Getting to know more about inequalities and break-even analysis
  • Basics of linear programming
  • How to effectively deal with curves?
  • Understanding the simple forms associated to non-linear equations
  • A more comprehensive overview about the basic differential calculus
  • Generating a more comprehensive background about the economic order quantity model
  • How to fill up or fuel the whole quantitative analysis process?
  • Different types of data and their different sources
  • How to efficiently arrange data?
  • Utilizing technology such as MINITAB, SPSS and EXCEL when it comes to arranging data
  • Basics of improving the visibility of data through effective pictorial presentation
  • Basics of displaying both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Using technology to efficiently present different types of data
  • How to effectively summarize data?
  • Basics of measuring data and location
  • Using technology for effective data summarization

Beneficiaries of Quantitative Methods Certification Program

Brainmeasures quantitative methods certification program is known for its flexibility so it can be expected to work suitably for a number of individuals and professionals. You can expect it to offer numerous benefits to various professionals including mathematicians, statisticians, quantitative data analysts, consultants, engineers and anyone who is in charge of collecting and analyzing data with the help of quantitative methods.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Quantitative Methods Certification Course

Completing a quantitative methods certification course can also serve as your medium towards accessing numerous jobs in the employment industry. With your certificate around, getting employed in the following vital organizational positions will become a lot easier:

  • Quantitative Methods Instructor
  • Quantitative Methods Analyst
  • Quantitative Data Analyst
  • Quantitative Methods Manager
  • Quantitative Methods Specialist

Expected Salary for Quantitative Methods Certification Holders

Showing a quantitative methods certification can also help you out if you want to further increase the level of your salary. You can utilize your certificate when attempting to work as a quantitative methods instructor so you will have greater chances of getting employed and earn an average of $74,000 annually. Working as a quantitative methods analyst can also benefit you because it allows you to receive around $71,000 to $116,000 yearly.


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