Linux Networking Certification

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Linux Networking Certification

Linux Networking Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 380 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Linux Networking Certification

What is Linux Networking?

Linux networking involves the process of setting up or configuring a network designed to connect various systems and devices with the help of an internet connection or any other element that may connect them together under the Linux operating system. Note that if you want to successfully build a network within this operating system, then it is not only important for you to learn the basics of networking since you also need to increase the level of your understanding about how to effectively administer the developed network as well as the basics of correctly configuring numerous systems. The good thing about Linux is that it is capable of supporting numerous network devices including those that have numbered names and primarily start at zero while counting upwards. You also need to increase the level of your understanding about the different tools that you can use not only in configuring the Linux network but also in successfully monitoring and managing other systems.

When it comes to implementing the Linux networking process, it is advisable for you to gather all the programs that you think you need and the specific addresses and information that you need for your network. This will enable you to easily configure the network interfaces. It should be noted that the network interface configuration involves the process of assigning the correct addresses into a device which forms part of your network. Setting the right values for the network device’s configurable parameters is also important.

Brainmeasures Linux Networking Certification Program

If your dream is to comprehensively learn Linux networking, then be aware that Brainmeasures can offer you the help that you need through the Linux networking certification program that it now provides to the public. What makes the act of enrolling in this Linux networking course truly beneficial is that it is capable of inculcating within you the skills and the expertise needed to become a master in this specific field. This online certification program comes with a Linux networking training which allows you to understand what Linux is and its most noticeable features, how it can help you build the most effective network, the basics of setting up a network primarily based on Linux, steps in developing and configuring the network interface and the different system tools that you can use to keep the entire Linux network working. It would be impossible for you to deal with regrets once you receive your Linux networking certificate since it effectively and powerfully shows your impressive skill set.

Highlights of the Linux Networking Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures Linux networking certification program is one of the company’s most well-developed and highly commendable online certification courses so you have a hundred percent assurance that it can effectively meet your demands in the field of learning. With the presence of this online certification course, significantly raising your awareness on the following topics will become greatly possible:

  • Basics of connecting to a stronger internet connection
  • Steps and procedures linked to establishing a stable dial-up internet connection
  • Specific tools that you need for the development of the internet
  • How to choose and correctly install the right modem?
  • Determining if you do the installation process the right way
  • Ways to efficiently troubleshoot the installation
  • Taking advantage of the different internet applications
  • How to correctly configure Netscape helper applications and the
  • Netscape messenger primarily designed for newsgroups and email?
  • Utilizing file manager to efficiently access FTP sites
  • Steps and procedures in establishing LAN or your local area network
  • Understanding all the concepts linked to Linux networking
  • A more comprehensive overview about the standards or protocols used in communication
  • Different technologies used in data routing
  • Understanding the different kinds of packet-switching networks and their individual functions
  • Choosing and installing the best network hardware

Beneficiaries of Linux Networking Certification Program

Considering the extreme usefulness of Linux in the field of networking at present, it will no longer come as a surprise if the Linux networking certification program introduced by Brainmeasures will continue to benefit a variety of professionals. The program is proven to be more beneficial to IT professionals including Linux programmers, developers, engineers, administrators, technicians and other professionals who are more concerned about effectively configuring, utilizing and troubleshooting a wide range of network services.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Linux Networking Certification Course

Getting a more stable job is a great possibility after you have successfully accomplished your Linux networking certification course. The certificate that you hold will help you prove your effectiveness in handling the following positions:

  • Linux Networking Software Engineer
  • Linux Network and Systems Administrator
  • Linux Programmer / Developer
  • Linux Networking Consultant
  • Linux Networking Manager

Expected Salary for Linux Networking Certification Holders

Your decision to earn a Linux networking certification can also offer favourable results especially in terms of the salary that you will regularly receive. Your expertise in the field which shows in the certificate that you receive allows you to get a Linux networking manager position and receive an annual salary within the range of $74,000 to $107,000. Your certificate is also useful in your attempt to become a Linux network consultant and enjoy up to $140,000 yearly.


Linux Networking Certification

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