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What is SAS?

SAS which stands for Statistical Analysis System refers to an effective and powerful integrated system filled with relevant products offered by the SAS. This system is capable of providing numerous benefits especially to programmers in terms of retrieving information, managing data, writing reports, developing impressive graphics, performing the data mining and statistical analysis projects, providing decision support and executing business planning and forecasting. The system is also beneficial in other vital areas including data warehousing which involves the transformation, extraction and loading of data, applications development, project management, operations research, quality improvement, remote computing and platform execution. The system also offers solutions that make it easier for you to manage information technology, human resources, customer relationship, business management and finances.

If you strongly desire to become an expert in running a Statistical Analysis System and transform yourself into one of the best holders of a SAS certification, then Brainmeasures which is recognized worldwide for all the impressive and updated online certification courses that it offers can help you out through the free SAS practice course that it now offers. Because it is one of the practice courses offered by the company for free, you have an assurance that you will learn everything about the system without having to ruin your budget. It also allows you to access the related study guide that comes along with the practice course and this is extremely useful in maximizing your chances of holding a SAS certification.

Brainmeasures SAS Certification Course

Your aim to become one of the most formidable and credible SAS certification holders at present can be easily achieved with the help of Brainmeasures which now takes pride of the free SAS practice course that it offers. It comes with a free study guide that is filled with the most updated and relevant information and data related to SAS and how you can effectively operate it. The practice course also comes with a free SAS practice test which promotes better learning opportunities. This online practice test will prepare you towards becoming a certified SAS expert because it comes with questions that are necessary in accurately assessing your background in the field. With the help of this free SAS practice course from Brainmeasures, becoming one of the most powerful and formidable experts in running the system will no longer become impossible.

Highlights of the SAS Practice Certification Course from Brainmeasures

The study guide which is included in the free SAS practice course is filled with information that will enable you to become one of the most impressive experts and SAS certification holders. This free practice course highlights the following essential topics:

  • Learning more about SAS
  • Basics of SQL processing and using SAS when executing it
  • How to effectively perform queries using PROC SQL?
  • Writing a step which runs under PROC SQL
  • Basics of choosing columns and table specifications
  • Specifying the sub-setting criteria
  • Basics of row ordering and multiple tables querying
  • A more comprehensive overview about summarizing data groups
  • Taking advantage of PROC SQL in performing the most advanced queries
  • Basics of displaying columns and setting limits on the displayed number of rows
  • Steps that you need to undertake when trying to eliminate duplicate rows set from an output
  • Taking advantage of calculated values and conditional operators when planning to subset rows
  • How to enhance query output?
  • Using sub-queries, correlated sub-queries and non-correlated sub-queries in sub-setting data
  • Basics of query syntax validation
  • Utilizing PROC SQL when planning to horizontally combine tables
  • How to effectively generate a Cartesian product?
  • Utilizing inner and outer joins
  • Using the outer join-style syntax as a means of developing inner join
  • How to combine tables vertically with the help of PROC SQL?
  • A more comprehensive overview about the most effective SAS techniques
  • Basics of effectively comparing outer unions

Beneficiaries of SAS Practice Certification Course

The free SAS practice course available at Brainmeasures continues to benefit everyone who wishes to acquire a more comprehensive understanding about the software without having to pay anything. It works perfectly for those who plan to pass the SAS certification exam successfully and reach their aim of working as IT professionals, SAS programmers, decision-makers, IT managers, publishers, developers and all other professionals who need to have a better understanding about SAS in order to successfully perform their functions.

Job Opportunities after Completing a SAS Practice Certification Course

The free SAS practice course which is now accessible at Brainmeasures allows you to receive a SAS certification that works in enhancing your career opportunities. The following are just few of the hundreds of jobs suitable for those who passed the SAS certification:

  • SAS Developer
  • SAS Administrator
  • SAS Consultant
  • SAS Analyst
  • SAS Engineer

Expected Salary for SAS Certification Holders

After passing the certification exam and receiving your actual SAS certification, it would also be a great possibility for you to get an even higher salary. It helps you get the job of a SAS administrator and enjoy an annual salary between $75,000 and $109,000. Working as a SAS consultant can also reward you with a higher salary which is usually within the range of $62,000 to $159,000 annually.


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