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Free Pharmacy Technician Certification Test

NOTE- You will be given a free reference e-book to read which has 626 pages And the test will be based on that e-book.

Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician refers to a health care professional who performs functions related to the pharmaceutical industry. This professional works under the supervision of a licensed health professional or pharmacist. It should be noted that pharmaceutical technicians are allowed to work in various locations including retail, community and hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, computer software companies, teaching companies, government institutions, 3rd party insurance companies and long-term health care facilities. Among the major roles and responsibilities performed by pharmacy technicians are dispensing medical devices and prescription drugs to patients and providing instructions on how they can use these. They are also responsible in successfully performing administrative functions in the pharmaceutical industry including reviewing the requests for prescription drugs present in insurance companies and doctor’s offices, ensuring the provision of the right medications and directly speaking with patients to improve their awareness about how they should take their medications.

It is important for you to note that in order for you to become a certified pharmacy technician, you need to meet the required education and training and take up and pass the related exam. Fortunately, Brainmeasures is now around to make it easier for anyone to handle the whole process of certifying themselves. This is through the free pharmacy technician certification course that it now offers that come with the most detailed study guide designed for aspiring pharmaceutical technicians. A free practice test is also included in the course and this can help you master all aspects usually tackled by the actual pharmacy technician certification exam.

Brainmeasures Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Course

Enrolling in the free pharmacy technician certification practice course expertly developed by Brainmeasures is probably the best thing that you can do if being part of the pharmaceutical industry has been your biggest aims. This free pharmacy technician practice course offered by Brainmeasures covers all relevant aspects related to the scope of work of this specific health care worker. It features a comprehensive study guide which is completely filled with the most accurate and updated information related to the industry and this is a major help for you if you want to have an easier time handling the actual online certification exam. The company also offers a free practice test established by real experts and this can further boost your chances of passing the pharmacy technician certification exam and become a certified professional in the pharmaceutical industry.

Highlights of the Pharmacy Technician Practice Certification Course from Brainmeasures

The free pharmacy technician practice certification course which is developed and now offered by Brainmeasures to the public will surely strengthen your knowledge about the field so becoming one of the most reliable experts in this industry will no longer become a problem. It covers all the information needed by those who wish to pass the pharmacy technician certification including the following:

  • Basics of providing assistance to pharmacists when it comes to serving patients
  • Filling and receiving medication orders including the written prescription orders and the retail medication orders
  • How to add the right information into the prescription form?
  • Authenticating and clarifying prescription orders
  • Properly accepting refill requests
  • Using electronic means to quickly and accurately receive prescriptions
  • Comparing medication orders in institutional and retail settings
  • Basics of medication order processing
  • Basics of administering drugs
  • A more comprehensive overview of prescription order interpretation and dispensing the right medications
  • Effectively preparing and utilizing the profile of patients
  • How to effectively handle medications?
  • Acquiring the right medications from inventory
  • Selecting the right container designed for dispensing
  • Basics of providing the proper label into your chosen container
  • Correctly storing and delivering drug products
  • Determining the right dosage and stability for different types of drugs
  • Significance of properly packaging and labelling drugs and maintaining sanitation and cleanliness when storing them
  • Using algebra and fractions in conducting pharmaceutical calculations
  • Systems that are commonly used in pharmaceutical measurements

Beneficiaries of Pharmacy Technician Practice Certification Course

Enrolling in the pharmacy technician practice course available at Brainmeasures is perfect for all those who wish to handle the pharmacy technician certification exam effectively and successfully pass it. It can work suitably for you if you strongly desire to become a certified pharmacy technician and get an idea about all the knowledge and skills needed for you to successfully perform your functions.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Pharmacy Technician Practice Certification Course

Passing the pharmacy technician certification with the help of the free practice course available at Brainmeasures is also useful in getting more stable jobs. Among the positions that will be introduced to you are the following:

  • Certified Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmaceutical Consultant
  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs Specialist
  • Pharmacy Technician Instructor

Expected Salary for Pharmacy Technician Certification Holders

You can also expect to start earning an even higher salary after successfully passing a pharmacy technician certification. With the help your certification, you can start working as a certified pharmacy technician and enjoy at least $54,000 yearly. You can also use your certification to work as a pharmacy consultant which entitles you to enjoy approximately $69,000 to $112,000 every year.

We Guarantee Brainmeasures Practice Courses and Tests are Best

As an ISO 9001-2008 company, Brainmeasures continues to become the leading online skill testing and certification company worldwide. It now offers the most detailed free practice courses and tests designed to help anyone pass and receive their desired certification. Brainmeasures offers practice courses in hundreds of fields, making it a highly reliable company for those who receive a certification in their chosen craft.

  • The free practice courses are established by real experts in the subject matter being tackled.
  • The courses are well-detailed, containing the most relevant information about different fields.
  • All practice courses are flexible enough to meet the different demands and requirements of various professionals.
  • All the free study guides and materials included in the practice courses contain the most accurate and updated information.
  • Each practice test was carefully developed and has been proofread many times to prevent any errors.
  • The tests are created in such a way that its takers will have a feel of the actual certification exam.
  • All the practice courses and tests available for free are guaranteed to help enhance the level of a candidate’s understanding about his/her chosen craft.
  • The free practice courses and exams work in meeting the motives and purposes of the candidates.
  • All the courses are designed to help anyone pass the actual certification exam and boost their employment opportunities.


What will you Receive from Enrolling in the Online Courses Offered by Brainmeasures?

1.Course Material

You will receive course material in a format of an e-book and final certification exam is entirely based on the provided course material

2.Hard Copy Certificate

On successfully clearing the certification exam you will Get a laminated hard copy certificate Of your accomplishment depicting your feat, which will be mailed to your provided address free of cost. Have a look at Hard Copy Certificate

3.Postal charges of hard copy certificate is absolutly free

No extra charges for Postal of the certificate to your place

4.Soft Copy Certificate

You can download the soft copy of your certificate immediately on taking the test from your individual account.

5.Transcript ID

Using your transcript ID you can showcase your results online to your employer by just going to Brainmeasures home page, your complete result report will appear.

6.Result Forwarding Facility

Using this feature you can send your scores to your employer and friends by using through e-mail.

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