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Free CCENT Certification Test

Free CCENT Certification Test



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Free CCENT Certification Test

What is CCENT?

CCENT which stands for Cisco certified entry networking technician refers to a professional who is capable of validating the capability of installing, troubleshooting and operating a network designed for a small firm’s branch including the basics of securing the network. Becoming certified in this field gives you the opportunity to take a leap into more advanced stages of your career especially if you plan to work as an associate in the field of networking or receive more advanced and useful certifications including CCDA and CCNA. It should be noted that CCENT gives you the chance to receive the most basic networking knowledge. Note, however, that it does not require you to get too much involved on more complex technical aspects linked to switching, networking designing and routing of Cisco. It also works by validating the most essential skills needed to get entry-level positions for network support. Individuals who are known to be qualified CCENT are said to have all the skills and knowledge necessary in maintaining, managing, installing and troubleshooting a branch network and network security.

If you have a goal to work as a CCENT, then it is important for you to note that a legitimate online certification company called Brainmeasures is now around to provide you with the kind of help that you desperately need. Dealing with this company allows you to access its free CCENT practice course, free study guide and its highly useful free CCENT practice test.

Brainmeasures CCENT Certification Practice Course

Working as a CCENT will no longer become a problem if you decide to enrol in the free CCENT practice course which is now available at Brainmeasures. This free practice course is proven to be extremely beneficial for you because of its effectiveness in letting you successfully pass the actual CCENT certification. With the comprehensiveness of the free study guide as well as the professionally developed free practice test included in the course, it would no longer be impossible for you to understand all the complexities of this position and dealing with all the challenges that you may undertake once you start to work as an expert in this field. Once you finally take a hold of your CCENT certification, you will find it easier to achieve professional growth.

Highlights of the CCENT Practice Certification Course from Brainmeasures

The things that you will learn from enrolling in the free CCENT practice course offered by Brainmeasures are proven to be adequate in maximizing your ability to handle the CCENT certification exam and pass it. Finishing up this free practice course promotes a higher level of learning on the following related topics:

  • Introduction to the basics of networking, its major functions and significance
  • Things that you need to know about the actual CCENT exam
  • Major roles and responsibilities held by CCENT experts
  • Introduction to the most advanced network technologies and their individual uses
  • A more comprehensive overview about network services and devices
  • Learning everything about using TCP/IP
  • Basics of VLSM and sub-netting
  • Learning the basics of using the Cisco device
  • Basics of configuring routers
  • How to effectively manage the devices designed for Cisco?
  • Gathering more information about the major uses of a router
  • A more comprehensive overview about switching and routing
  • Introduction to static and dynamic routing
  • Major protocols designed for effective dynamic routing
  • A more comprehensive background about switching
  • Basics of configuring a standard switch
  • Boosting your knowledge about troubleshooting network communication
  • Understanding the most commonly used terms for network security
  • Generating a more complete knowledge about the significance of network
  • Best practices used to secure Cisco devices
  • Introduction to wireless networking, its benefits, major functions and its major components
  • How to make the most out of using wireless networks?

Beneficiaries of the CCENT Practice Certification Course

The free CCENT practice course offered by Brainmeasures is intended for all those who plan of obtaining a CCENT certification and start working as a certified professional in the field. It is a huge help for all existing and aspiring network administrators, consultants and other professionals who want to further advance their career by receiving a CCENT certification so they can start performing their functions in a more efficient and expert manner possible.

Job Opportunities after Completing a CCENT Practice Certification Course

With the help of the free CCENT practice course offered by Brainmeasures, you can easily deal with all the challenges linked to obtaining a CCENT certification and start accessing more stable and enjoyable jobs. The following jobs are just few of those that you can easily access if you are already a CCENT holder:

  • Certified Entry Networking Technician
  • Networking Consultant
  • Network Programmer
  • Networking Engineer
  • Networking Specialist

Expected Salary for CCENT Certification Holders

Receiving a CCENT certification can also help you in accessing challenging jobs with much higher pay. With the help of your certificate, working as a networking engineer is a great possibility and this allows you to enjoy a salary within the range of $70,000 to $97,000 yearly. Deciding to use your certificate to work as a network consultant can also reward you with an annual pay of up to $174,000.


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