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Free Force Developer Certification Test

Free Force Developer Certification Test



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has 280 pages And the test will be based on that e-book.

Free Force Developer Certification Test

What is Force Developer?

Force developer refers to a free developer program primarily designed for the platform used in Force.com. It gives developers the chance to gather more information about the key resources for their skills and talk about different topics that revolve around the platform designed for Force.com. The topics that are usually covered in this field are Visualforce, databases, application packaging and distribution, APIs of different types of web services and Apex Code. It also works in providing the most powerful, secure and scalable platform for cloud computing. A strong knowledge about Force developer is a major help in your attempt to effectively, expertly and speedily develop, deploy and package applications without using any infrastructure. One of the major objectives of force developer is efficiently promote conversations, learning and community. This is possible with the help of tech notes, blogging community, articles, sample codes, RSS feeds, on-demand sessions, webinars, event calendars, newsletters and discussion boards.

If you plan to become one of the most recognizable certified force developer experts, then be aware that Brainmeasures can now provide you with a highly impressive and comprehensive free force developer practice course. This aims to help you access a free study guide which covers all topics related to using and making the most out of force developer. You can also access the course’s free practice test which is a major help in honing your ability to pass the certification exam.

Brainmeasures Force Developer Practice Certification Course

The free force developer certification practice course established and now offered by Brainmeasures is extremely useful in your attempt to gather more information about the basics of working as a certified force developer expert. The good thing about dealing with Brainmeasures is that this online certification company has already proven its competence in the field of developing the best and the most informative online certification courses and programs. This means that its free force developer practice course is also expertly and professionally established, thereby helping you understand and clearly analyze the different factors related to the field. The study guide that it offers is also proven to be highly accurate so enhancing your knowledge about the force developer field will become easier. If you are seriously contemplating about taking and passing the force developer certification exam, then you should know that the free practice test which is one of the major parts of the practice course can provide you with the necessary enlightenment.

Highlights of the Force Developer Practice Certification Course from Brainmeasures

You will never face regrets enrolling in the free force developer certification practice course offered by Brainmeasures because aside from being available for free, it is also detailed and accurate enough to provide the most complete and useful information. The following are just few of the many topics covered in this practice course:

  • Introduction to using Force.com
  • Understanding the model designed for Cloud computing used in Force.com
  • A more comprehensive overview about the Force.com platform and model
  • Basics of the model-view-controller architecture
  • Getting to know more about Force.com development and metadata
  • Different types of application used for Force.com
  • How to effectively and correctly develop a useful platform on Force.com?
  • Basics of programmatic and declarative development
  • Steps and procedures that you need to follow when trying to create a developer account
  • Force.com authentication and the basics of changing your email ad, resetting tokens for security and adding the most trusted IP addresses
  • How to establish a database on Force.com?
  • Requirements in building an effective library management system
  • Different types of Force.com data
  • Understanding everything about custom applications
  • Basics of building your own applications by creating customized tabs, page layout and utilizing the page layout editor
  • A more comprehensive overview about Visualforce and the basics of using its pages in your organization
  • Basic rules to follow in the implementation of business logic

Beneficiaries of Force Developer Practice Certification Course

Brainmeasures free force developer practice course can be expected to benefit all those who plan to successfully pass the force developer certification exam. The practice course is proven to be extremely useful for all aspiring and existing architects, developers, engineers, technicians, system administrators, IT managers and any other professionals who are serious about using the Force developer platform when performing their tasks.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Force Developer Practice Certification Course

Receiving a Force developer certification after you successfully pass the certification exam can also help you in starting to access a wide range of career opportunities. The following are just few of these jobs:

  • Force.com Developer
  • Force.com Development Architect
  • Force.com Custom Solutions Developer
  • Force.com Technical Leader
  • Force.com Applications Engineer

Expected Salary for Force Developer Certification Holders

Earning a force developer certification also boost your chances of receiving a higher pay. With the help of your earned certificate, it would be easier for you to work as a Force.com developer and start earning up to $142,000 every year. If you decide to work as a Force.com development architect, then it is possible for you to start earning within the profitable range of $82,000 to $166,000 yearly.


Free Force Developer Certification Test

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