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Cocos2d 2 Certification

Cocos2d 2 Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 532 pages And the test will be based on that e-book . you can take final test within 1 year of purchase. The price you will pay is for online certification exam and Laminated Hard copy certificate and hard copy certificate posting charges, provided e-book is free and is only provided to help you understand the subject and pass the certification exam.

Cocos2d 2 Certification

Introduction to Cocos2d 2 Certification

Cocos2d can be defined as an open source 2D framework mainly designed for games. It should be noted that the most original version of this framework is actually written using Python but it is now ported to other useful platforms and languages. Its most popular version is the Cocos2d 2 which continuously receives great reviews with all the useful features that it presents to its users. It should be noted that Cocos2d 2 that are now designed for iPhone can be identified as an Objective-C port designed for Mac OS X and iOS that have similar designs and concepts when compared to the original framework. One thing that you will surely enjoy about this framework is that it is one of the most sophisticated 2D app development frameworks for iOS at present. It has received extreme popularity with its well-designed framework which is extremely useful in building the most interesting iOS applications and games in 2D.

One of the major benefits of Cocos2d 2 is that it is written using Objective C which makes it even more functional. Other benefits that it provides is its easy to use framework, no issues regarding backward compatibility, utilizes GL swap buffer designed to handle memory problems and its guaranteed flexibility which allows it to be integrated to third-party libraries. If you want to generate the highest level of knowledge about Cocos2d 2, then rest assured that a Cocos2d certification course is now presented to the public and this course can offer you the help that you need.

Brainmeasures Cocos2d 2 Certification Course

If you are seriously contemplating about acquiring the most extensive knowledge about Cocos2d 2, then be aware that an online certification company called Brainmeasures is now around to extensively guide you. With its ability to provide you with a highly commendable Cocos2d 2 certification course which is mainly composed of an accurately and well-detailed study guide, your desire to master the whole framework will become a lot easier. You will actually get to know more about the whole Cocos2d 2 framework through the accurate information incorporated in the course including the disciplines used in the development of the framework as well as how you can use it to build the most amazing applications and games that come in 2D form. Another thing that you will surely find amazing about this Cocos2d course is its ability to supply an online test designed to help in measuring the level of your knowledge about this framework.

Highlights of the Cocos2d 2 Certification Course from Brainmeasures

The comprehensiveness of the study guide which is one of the major components of the Cocos2d 2 certification course offered by Brainmeasures is a strong indication that it can really help you in strengthening your knowledge about the field. This online certification course is capable of supplying the most accurate information about the following relevant topics:

  • Introduction to Cocos2d, its different versions and the individual functions of its versions
  • Understanding how the Cocos2d 2 version works and its major benefits
  • Getting started to using Cocos2d 2
  • Essential facts that you need to learn about the Cocos2d 2 framework
  • How to build the best applications and games using the Cocos2d framework?
  • Steps and procedures that will enable you to develop your first game using the framework
  • Understanding the building blocks of 2D games especially those that are mainly developed using Cocos2d framework
  • A more in-depth knowledge about sprites
  • Making the process of scrolling all over the interface easier
  • Adding particle effects into the applications and games that you have developed
  • Working with different tilemaps including isometric tilemaps
  • Understanding the major engines of physics
  • Basics of developing a pinball game
  • Understanding the game centre and its major functions

Beneficiaries of Cocos2d 2 Certification Course

The proven versatility and flexibility of the study guide or reference e-book included in the Cocos2d 2 certification course from Brainmeasures is one of the strongest indications that it can really work for a number of individuals and professionals interested about producing 2D games and applications using the framework. It is ideal for all aspiring experts in the field of using Cocos2d 2 including 2D game and application developers.

Job Opportunities after Passing the Cocos2d 2 Certification Test

Earning a Cocos2d 2 certification is also a huge help in further improving your career. With the help of this certificate, it would be easier for you to impress potential clients and boost your chances of grabbing any of the following positions:

  • Cocos2d 2 Specialist
  • Cocos2D Mobile Game Programmer
  • iOS Developer
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Mobile Game Development Consultant

Expected Salary for Cocos2d 2 Certification Holders

Earning a higher salary range is also something that you can expect from receiving your Cocos2d 2 certification. It gives you the opportunity to profitably work as a Cocos2d developer and earn an average of $84,000 yearly. Working as a Cocos2d mobile game programmer is also very rewarding with its ability to let you receive an average of $96,000 per year.


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Cocos2d 2 Certification

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