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Brainmeasures - An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company
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What is Brainmeasures?

Brainmeasures (an ISO 9001-2008 certified company) is a leading online certification and employment testing solutions provider. At Brainmeasures we help you assess your skills and abilities so you can face the world with confidence. Our online tests are in an open book format, designed by subject matter experts to test your skills in that field. This gives you the ability to analyze the depth of your knowledge and identify any gaps that require further study or help.

Who benefits from Brainmeasures certification?ion?

People applying for a new job or want to start a career or those who want a promotion benefit most from our online certifications. By having your skills rated by the best online certification and employment testing company, you have a definite edge over others. You also have the option of upgrading your skills through our professionally developed course-wares helping you succeed in your area of interest. Students benefit from taking a variety of quizzes and IQ tests which help them test their general knowledge. The Brainmeasures career assessment tests help you to choose a career according to your aptitude so you can excel in your chosen field of work.


What are Brainmeasures tests like and how can I take a Brainmeasures test?

Brainmeasures tests are multiple choice tests. You can take a Brainmeasures test from anywhere. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Just choose your test, click on it, and you will have access to all the information you need about the test (i.e. its price, the syllabus, number of questions, duration of the test, etc). All you now need to do is register and pay for the test. When Brainmeasures receives your payment you will get your login details and you can take your test.


What is the format of tests and how long do I have to complete it?

All our tests have multiple choice answers with up to five options to choose your answer from.

Maximum time allowed: the maximum time allowed for each test varies from 30 minutes to an hour.

Number of questions: the number of questions varies from 40 to 60 for each test.

Minimum percent required: The minimum percent required to earn a Brainmeasures certification is 60%. Individual tests, IQ tests and aptitude tests do not have any kind of negative marking. All test questions carry equal weight and if you have not run out of time you can navigate back and check your answers or answer any questions left unanswered. You can even change your answers. Specific requirements, rules and regulations for each test are clearly stated before you buy your test.

If I get disconnected from the server (internet) in the middle of taking a test, what should I do?

To restart the test login to your account and go to "Manage test/course purchased" link, then click on "start test" link of the test which you were attempting, it will automatically start form place you left.
But you will have to restart the test within 1 hour, as it will expire if not restarted within that time. This has been done to maintain high testing standards.


What are the rules and regulations for taking tests and do I get the correct answers at the end?

Our tests and certifications are designed to challenge the open book format but you are not allowed any kind of help while taking a Brainmeasures online certification/test. After you complete your test you are sent a complete analysis report but we do not disclose right answers to you because we need to maintain the secrecy of our question bank.  If you score more than 85% your name will be posted in our honor role.

When will I get my results?

You are informed immediately of your results and you receive a complete analysis report to show you your strengths and weaknesses in each area of the test.

How can I show my prospective employer that I am certified?

Once you receive a hard copy of the Brainmeasures certificate you can show anyone you like. You also receive a personal transcript number which enables you to show your employer your score online. You can also forward your results to anyone with the Brainmeasures result forwarding facility accessible from your individual home page. You can print soft copy of your certificate from "view results" link of your individual account.

What is the procedure for buying a Brainmeasures online certification and how much does it cost?

Buying a certification from Brainmeasures is simple. When you click on the test that interests you, follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the procedure. All Brainmeasures tests have their prices beside the test name.

What are the payment options?

We accept payments through all major

1-credit cards
2- international debit cards (such as Visa, etc)
3- PayPal,
4- Wire payments (for purchases above $200).
5-Indian customers have the additional option of paying by check, bank draft and money order, Issued by any Indian bank in rupee should be sent  to our Indian head office.
6-Check payments (for payments of at least $49.99)

Note: Tests purchased through wire transfer, checks or demand draft will only be activated when your payments will reach us.

Is it safe to use credit cards on your site?

We use PayPal for monetary transactions as they are one of the most trusted credit card transaction processors. We use SSL technology for transferring payment information which ensures that the information provided by you cannot be decrypted during transmission. At Brainmeasures we do not store any information related to credit cards on file.

Can two or more certifications be bought simultaneously?

Yes. Just follow the same procedure you did for the first certification.


What is your refund policy?

There is no refund policy but you can retake a Brainmeasures test if the problem is our fault. If you experience any problems with our services please contact our customer care section and we will do everything in our power to resolve the problem.

What browser requirements do I need?eed?

You can take Brainmeasures online certification using Internet Explorer 5 or above / Netscape 6 or above. You must have cookies, JavaScript, pictures and pop-up windows enabled on your browser. Some tests, for example, typing, may have additional requirements such as java support. All information is provided when you click on the test's name.

Do your tests have an expiry date?

You can take a paid test anytime within 1 year of buying the test but once you start your test you have to finish it in given time frame or else it will expire, this has been done to maintain high testing standards. Your free test will expire after 3 months if you do not attempt to complete it.


When I try to start the test it jumps back to the previous screen?

Most of the tests work with normal computer settings. However if this problem occurs, you should ensure that popup windows/JavaScript or cookies are enabled on your browser. Some tests require popup windows to work, so turnoff popup blockers. To enable JavaScript on the Windows Internet Explorer browser go to: tools -- > internet options -- > click on the security tab -- > in the security settings enable active scripting and also enable scripting of java applets.


While attempting the typing test, I just get a grey screen?

A plain screen, a black box or a frozen screen indicates the typing test java applets have not downloaded properly. This problem usually occurs due to a corrupt browser and has nothing to do with the way our website is functioning. The best solution to this problem is to take the test from another computer.


What is a Brainmeasures certificate like?

After taking a paid test and scoring the minimum percent required to pass you will receive Brainmeasures hard copy certificate. Your certificate will reach you within 4 weeks of successfully taking the test. Along with your certificate you receive a complete analysis report with a colored graph of how showing you performed in each segment of your test. This will clearly show your strengths and weaknesses. If you have passed with 85% or higher your name will be added to the Brainmeasures honor role.


How long do I have to wait for my certification to arrive?

If you require your certificate earlier than 4 weeks, you can choose to pay extra charges for Fed-ex delivery. In the interim we send you a soft copy of your certificate downloadable from your computer. All these options are given to you when you complete your test


What is a Brainmeasures transcript number?

A transcript number is a specific Brainmeasures number given to you when you take a paid test or after paying for the certificate charges for a free test. With this number you can access your results online and access the 'result forwarding' feature to forward your results to your employer or anyone else.


How can I use the Brainmeasures logo?

You have the right to use the Brainmeasures logo after successfully completing a test. You can put the Brainmeasures logo on your letterheads, visiting cards, website and your resume.


What are the benefits of using your logo?

Being ISO 9001-2008 certified and global leader in the field of online certification and employment testing. Our certifications are honored and recognized worldwide, thus our logo will give an edge and will boost your profile.


How can corporate companies benefit from your assessment tools?

We provide pre and post hiring employment testing solutions to corporate entities and even design customized tests on request so companies can test their employees according to their requirements. Our corporate tests include the negative marking feature which helps the employer to accurately judge their prospective and in house employees' knowledge. Testing takes the guesswork out of hiring and promoting your staff. Our tests are priced reasonably and there are discount packages for corporate clients (also see detailed corporate FAQs).


How does our recertification policy work?

You can 'retake' a Brainmeasures test if you do not get adequate marks or want to improve your score by paying for a 'retest'. The price of retesting is included with all other test details.


How long is my certification valid?

Our certification is valid for 1 year. This is because today's world changes rapidly with new developments in all fields. It is, therefore, advisable to upgrade your knowledge to remain ahead in your chosen field.


If I forget my password or login, what should I do?

If you forget your password or login ID please click at [?], below the login area. When you do this, all information required to retrieve your id or password is sent to you.


How can I become Brainmeasures Affiliate?

If you have a web site or are a webmaster for a website, you can join the Brainmeasures Affiliate Program free of cost. You will be provided with attractive banners and real time information related to sales and visitors from your site. To know more about our affiliate program visit affiliate program page.


Have major software vendors endorsed Brainmeasures?

Brainmeasures is an independent 3rd party testing company not affiliated to any major software vendors like Microsoft, sun, IBM etc. Our tests and certification are prepared under ISO 9001-2008 guidelines by experienced panel of experts who have years of experience in their respective fields.


How can I show my employer that I am certified?

With every paid test you get a unique Brainmeasures transcript ID, you can type this number in the space provided in Brainmeasures home page which will redirect you to your result page or you can use the result forwarding feature provided in your individual home page using which you can email your scores to your employer helping you to prove your certified status.


How do I get more information about Brainmeasures online certifications and course-ware?

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Note: If you still have questions, please ask us by going to our customer care section and we will answer you within the next two working days (Brainmeasures closes Saturday and Sunday).


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