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Why Employment Testing Solutions Are Better

Old methods for screening potential employees are fast becoming obsolete and outdated. An inefficient method for screening job applicants as fake information is difficult to detect. It is also difficult to judge whether a candidate has the ability to translate their theoretical knowledge into practical use.

Resumes do contain useful information but they also create a facade. The Society of Human Resources estimates that 53% of all job applications and resumes contain false information. This was the result of a survey of 2.6 million job applicants which found 44% of respondents lied about their work experience, 23% fabricated credentials or licenses, and 41% lied about their education. According to the FBI, people in the US falsely claim to hold a college degree. 

Job postings often receive many applicants and their resumes are difficult to assess, store and retrieve. About 50 million active online resumes are in circulation from America alone. While using non scientific screening methods, the employer can never know what the applicants' cognitive ability, learning speed, willingness to work, or their passion for the job is; nor can they know whether an applicant’s personality fits job the position applied for or not.

Using Brainmeasures Employment testing Solutions you can find out and access:

Arrow bullet Only the relevant and essential information about the applicant.
Arrow bullet The candidate’s ability to be highly productive in the job.
Arrow bullet The skills, competencies, cognitive ability and personality of each candidate.
Arrow bullet How Brainmeasures helps you analyze a candidate’s complete – strengths, weaknesses and abilities to perform in different jobs.
Arrow bullet A variety of job analysis questionnaires.
Arrow bullet Our personality assessment tools to help you judge personality traits, such as, innovation, imagination, enthusiasm, adaptability, energy, etc.
Arrow bullet To an insight into each candidate’s personality. Each test has a range of questions for each personality type. Each question probes the personality spectrum from one extreme to the other, which prompts the applicant to choose the most suitable answer.
Arrow bullet To a balanced assessment. When a candidate answers a certain number of questions in a limited time, they will use their true instincts to answer. The results of Brainmeasures tests help you to trace the actual personality, knowledge and ability of prospective candidates.
Arrow bullet Testing tools that are flexible and convenient.
Arrow bullet Testing tools that are objective and systematic and help you choose the right people for your organization.
Arrow bullet Lucrative discounts on bulk orders. (view discount table)
Arrow bullet More than 1000 tests to choose from.
Arrow bullet An ISO 9001-2008 Certified company.
Arrow bullet VeriSign and Truste verified.
Arrow bullet High quality Employment Testing Solutions that facilitates the appropriate screening and selection solutions to find the best staff with consistent productivity levels.
Arrow bullet Assessment tools and screening procedures to help you screen employees for jobs such as administration, call centers, customer service, sales, management positions, etc. 
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Brainmeasures provides you with many pre hiring and in house assessment tools there is no longer any reason to settle for outdated screening and hiring methods. Getting the right employees the first time is cost-effective; taking educated guesses based on a resume searches and interviews alone costs you money time and time again.

Register free for our services, take a trial test and see the change it can help you make to your organization’s hiring practices.

Your people are the face of your organization, and you and your staff deserves the best for team success.

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