Sculpture Awareness and Terminology to bolster your resume

Sculptures have fascinated everybody since the beginnings of time. It cannot be argued that this art has its well-deserved place in human history, because sculptors have amazed us with their work from the ancient times. You have certainly heard about Michelangelo and its fine sculptures like the famous “David”. For those who have skills in this field we will present in this article the insights of a career as sculptor and the challenges it poses nowadays. You will see why it is important for you to master the adequate terminology and language used in this working environment and we will also present you the benefits of getting certifications for your skills. We will also present in the final section of the article the reasons why a Sculpture Awareness and Terminology Certification would be a strong attachment to your resume if you wish to become a professional sculptor.

We should begin by acknowledging sculptures are hard to produce and they are definitely not for everybody. In some ways, sculpture resembles drawing and painting, but it is much more difficult to produce. In order to produce a fine drawing all you need is your imagination, a piece of paper and a drawing instrument such as a pen or a pencil. While drawings may take only hours to finish, sophisticated sculptures may involve a year’s work. There are many differences between these three work fields. The common attribute is that they are all a form of visual art. The differences rely on the used materials, instruments and techniques. More importantly, you must be aware sculptures operate in three dimensions, unlike the two-dimensions of drawings. Sculptors nowadays are using a variety of materials, but their intention has always been to produce artworks that last in time and that are as permanent as possible. This is why they usually work with expensive yet durable materials like stone and bronze. Among the most frequently used materials for sculptures are marble and granite, but also limestone and porphyry. But there are also sculptures in precious materials like gold, silver, ivory and jade. For wider consumption sculptors frequently use more common and therefore less expensive materials like glass, various types of hardwoods such as oak and ceramics. They are also using cast metals like zinc and pewter. Although sculptures are often painted, the paint does not last in time.

You should know there are many forms of sculptures, raging from the free-standing sculptures and statues to reliefs, kinetic sculptures and architectural sculptures. Professionals in this field are required to have multiple skills and knowledge. For instance, they must know very well the mechanical and chemical properties of the materials they work with. They must also handle the specific tools and instruments that help them carve the sculpture. Furthermore, they must have a good sense of proportions in order to deliver a fine piece of work. They must have all these abilities so as not to waste expensive materials for a sculpture that will not turn out as intended. In addition to all these skills, sculptors must have a good awareness of the concepts and terminology associated with sculpting. This is very important to ensure the effective communication with a potential employer or customer. You could use your sculpting skills for pursuing a career in fine arts. For example, you could have your work exposed in public areas and everyone will have the possibility of admiring your skill. You could also work for homeowners wishing to beautify their gardens with sophisticated sculptures. You could follow many career paths upon having such skills, but you must first prove you master the adequate terminology.

Online Sculpture Awareness Test

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