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Everyone watching TV news or field-related documentaries has heard about forensics and might have even seen them in action. But do you know the insights of such a job? Well, if you are comitted to a career in this branch of medicine we will present you in this article an overview of the forensic skills required for becoming an appreciated professional in this line of work. Furthermore, we will try to convince that if you possess such skills and dream of a career in forensic science you should get certified in this field as a way to enhance your future prospects.

We should begin by having a closer look at the forensic science and its purpose. You should know forensics is a medical specialty located at the bordeline between medicine and legal sciences. It involves applicating a wide spectrum of medical sciences and methodology to answer legal questions. Such questions often refer to crimes and other forms of civil action, such as violence, drug addiction and so on. The purpose of forensics is to assess in an objective way the medical aspects contained in the legal cases of a particular person. The person in question might be still alive or it may be deceased and you as a forensic will have the difficult mission of identifying the cause of its death. The forensic expertise may be initiated either by the legal forces or by the persons involved in each case. No matter who commands the expertise and what is its purpose, it is the job of a forensic specialist to formulate his opinion on the case, based only on the medical evidence and the factual reality that can be proved. In order to complete such a challenging task you will need to carefully analyze medical data and information and test every causal hypothesis. There is a specific medico-legal reasoning you must apply in this line of work and you must express your conclusions in clear sentences that cannot be interpreted in any other way that alters reality. Forensic science is meant to increase the objectivity when judging a particular case by presenting the objective, scientific and impartial medical perspective. It is therefore obvious that such an analysis will play a key role in the final outcome of the case, owed to its proof characteristic.

You should know there are many subdivisions of forensics, so you can specialize according to your skills and capabilities. Whatever field you will choose you will have to be aware of the tools and techniques that need and can be used. In order to acquire the valuable forensic skills certification that will boost your resume you will have to prove your knowledge on several topics, starting with the very basics of this science, of course. It also goes without saying that you need to have an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Other very important divisions of forensics relate to serology, which involves the analysis of body fluids and osteology, focusing on the study of bones. Another domain on which you will need to hone your skills is odontology, which studies teeth and it is based on their uniqueness. If you are keen on these topics there is nothing that could stop you from achieving this valuable certificate if you want to build a career in forensics. Upon having such skills and the certification to testify them you could become a forensic scientist, a crime scene technician or a medical examiner. You should know that the certification attached to your resume will also improve your financial perspectives. While the average salary of a forensic scientist is $72,000, upon getting certified you could be earning up to 20% more. So this should be a strong motivating factor for you to get the certification.

Online Forensic Skills Test

An online certification would be as appreciated as a classical one, provided you take it from a reliable company. One such company is, the world leader in online employee testing. The forensic skills exam is one of the many quality tests provided by this company. The online forensic skills test provided by Brainmeasures will enhance your personal brand and increase your appreciation at the work place. All you need to do is register online if you are a first timer in having this service and have your forensic skills tested. To draw the conclusion, you should try to take this certification as a pathway to your career appreciation and advancement.


  • Forensic Science - Basics
  • Forensic Science - Forensic Anatomy
  • Forensic Science - Odontology and Osteology
  • Forensic Science - Physiology
  • Forensic Science - Serology
  • Forensic Science - Tools and Techniques

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