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It seems that nowadays everyone is determined to make his entry in the information technology industry. Taking into consideration the growing progress in this field, there is no doubt that a career in IT would be not only rewarding, but quite promising for your future prospects.In addition, more and more employers are seeking for people able to provide quality Web services to support their businesses, so Web skills are very much in demand. We will discuss in this article the topic of Google Analytics and try to convince you of its utility nowadays. Moreover, it is our goal to make you aware of the need to get the Google Analytics Certification if you have the required skills.

First of all, you should know that, as suggested by its name, the purpose of Google Analytics is to analyze certain aspects and data. Perhaps you have never heard about this service. If this is your case, you should know that Google Analytics offers access to real and detailed data concerning website traffic. This is a free service provided by Google, but without the necessary knowledge and experience it would be difficult to implement its code on websites and improve their performance. This is why skilled individuals on this topic are sought to handle such issues and help persons and companies to make the most out of their websites and promotional campaigns.

Let us have a closer insight into Google Analytics and the informations it provides. This service is extremely useful because offers valuable informations concerning the website traffic and the efficiency of marketing actions. It allows people and companies to analyze the behaviour of their website visitors and identify the particular sections of the website that mostly attract visitors. By doing so, this service is of real help if you want to see which such sections are more likely to generate revenues. Moreover, if you use your website to display online campaigns you can actually evaluate the performance of such campaigns thanks to the integrated support of Google Analytics. By having access to such data, you will have greater control over your campaigns and be able to optimize them in order to reduce the costs and generate a higher return on investment. So it is safe to say that Google Analytics is more than just a free service for website traffic analysis. It can also be a marketing tool to help you make more money from your online activities and campaigns.

If you have any doubts on the actuality of such a service, you should know that Google Analytics is the most widely used website statistics service. As we have already seen, it offers plenty of useful data concerning the visitors of a website and its performance. It can identify the location of the visitors, how long they have stayed on site, which sections they accessed the most and so on. If your business revolves around selling products and services online, a Google Analytics report can help you track the sales activity and the overall performance of the website. Such an e-commerce report by this popular Google service reveals your site transactions and revenues, for instance. It is clear that upon having Google Analytics skills you could either improve the efficiency of your own business or website or you could offer such services for those in need, be they other individuals or large companies.

Google Analytics Certification Test

If you have the necessary knowledge and skills on this topic you should try to get the certification too, as a testimony of your capabilities in this field. By having the certification, your potential clients will be more willing to put their trust in you for implementing Google Analytics on their websites and increase their website usability. In order to receive the certification, you will need to pass a Google Analytics exam. The most convenient way to deal with it is by online means. There are many providers of online tests on such topics as Internet concepts, so you should choose the provider carefully if you want to make a smart investment for your future. This is why you should put your trust in, the world leader in online certification and employment testing. This company offers a quality Google Analytics test to measure your skills and offers a valuable certification that will give a boost to your resume and income. You should know that while non-accreditated Web analysts earn an average $77,000 annually, upon having the certification you will be able to earn up to 20% more. So do not hesitate any more and take this certification from Brainmeasures as a pathway to a brighter future.


  • Analyzing Google Analytics Data
  • Google Analytics Campaign Tracking
  • Google Analytics Filters
  • Google Analytics Goals and Funnels
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

Pricing and Payment Options

Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


All the information regarding this test has been clearly stated inside the login account and you must read it properly before starting your test. Good luck !

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