Windows Server 2008 Certification – a pathway to a successful career

One of the best steps IT lovers and professionals can take is to become certified in some of the most in-demand certifications. Taking into consideration the current expansion of the Internet as a great mean of communication, a career in networking would undoubtedly be very promising. Moreover, if you want to prove your desire to excellence in this domain you should turn your attention and hone your skills revolving around creating networks on Windows Server 2008. In this article we will present you the reasons why you should take such a course of action and the skills you need to prove you know this operating system. In the final section of the article we will draw your attention to the importance of taking certifications for your skills and the benefits you will reap upon attaching the Windows Server 2008 Certification to your resume.

If you doubt the actuality of a career in networking nowadays there are several aspects you should take into consideration. Firstly, you should think of the benefits that networks bring to individuals worldwide. They can connect with their remote friends, share information, thoughts, pictures and all sorts of impressions about the domains they are interested in. Through networks, they get the chance to encounter a variety of personalities and different people, each one having its own life experience and aspirations. So networking is a great way to share knowledge, ideas and enrich our personal experience. What is more, networking is quite crucial for many enterprises nowadays that base their activity on e-commerce. Companies can create networks for promoting their products, services and ideas to a vast range of people. Moreover, business networks create the premises for a more effective work collaboration between company members. They also increase the online presence of the respective organizations and create the premises for a sustainable growth of their business. All this being said, there is no doubt that a job in the networking branch of the IT communications industry would be not only promising, but also rewarding for those having the right skills.

Windows Server 2008 is one of the latest releases in the line of Windows operating systems and, as expected, brought lots of enhanced features in comparison to the older versions. It is an operating system particularly appealing to organizations that need servers to support their workloads. Windows Server 2008 supports the share of files, printing, web servers, general applications and a wide range of services, including network, terminal and directory services. The most important aspects of Windows Server 2008 you need to cover for proving your skills on this system refer to its fundamentals, administration, network infrastructure, security issues and the Active Directory service. The latter is a Microsoft service created for Windows domain networks that is to be found in the majority of the Windows Server operating systems and secures the location for network administration. This directory is responsible for the authentication and authorization of all the individual users and the computers that are connected in a Windows domain network. You should know the main functionality of the Active Directory is to store information about objects on a network and make it available to those needing it, namely individual users and network administrators. It can also support e-commerce apps, for instance.

Online Windows Server 2008 Test

Once you possess these skills you could pursue a career as network administrator. You should know that the average salary of such professionals is $77,000 per year, but upon getting certified you could significantly increase your earnings. This is just one of the advantages of taking certifications for your skills, together with the enhancement in career opportunities and the raising above your peers. Moreover, a certificate in Windows Server 2008 would prove your wish to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the IT field, thus proving you a great asset for every company nowadays. Such benefits will only happen if you choose carefully the provider of your online Windows Server 2008 exam. is the global leader in online certification and employee testing and can provide you quality hiring tests to assess your skills. The skill testing offered by this reputed company is widely appreciated so this would be the most convenient alternative for you if you accept the challenge of dealing with such a test by online means. Bottom line, if you want to make a smart investment for your career in networking you should really consider taking the Windows Server 2008 certification from Brainmeasures.


  • Active Directory
  • Administration
  • Fundamentals
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Security

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

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The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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