Benefits of an US Academic writing certification

If  you come across the „US academic writing” sequence of words for the first time, the term academic” might sound a little intimidating. However, you should not be scared because you have practiced academic writing too, even though you might have not realised it. You have been introduced to academic writings since your early childhood, when you had to deliver your homeworks. Also, all the essays and book reports you wrote, all the research articles and presentations have been drops in the great ocean of academic writings. If you have been widely appreciated for the quality of such writings of yours you should definitely consider pursuing a career in this field.

We should know have a closer insight to the issue of academic writing, see the utility of having skills in this field and, subsequently, the necessity of acquiring a certification to prove them. First of all, you should know that academic writing is a formal or semi-formal type of writing based a thoroughly researched knowledge. Its main purpose is to present ideas or arguments to an informed audience in a professional and refined way. Scholarly writing (essays, reports, research papers and so on)  is a good example of academic writing, since it is well-documented and written on a particular topic with a formal tone.  Both school students who write college essays and university students working on final theses or dissertations are facing the challenges of academic writing. However, we should not draw the conclusion that the educational environment is the only domain in which academic writing finds applicability. We will discuss in this article the benefits of having US academic writing skills and the opportunity of getting such a certification.

We should begin by presenting the characteristics of the academic writing in order to have a clear perspective on their applicability. As we forementioned, academic writings are conceived in a formal style and tone and should be well documented. This means whenever you have to write on a particular subject you must first make an extensive research on the matter in order to acquire the essential informations you need for a solid and well-structured writing. This extensive research is also important because academic writings focus on the issues brought into question rather than presenting the author’s point of view on the matter. This is why the use of the first person in writing is scarce. The writer is mostly expected to be objective in relation to the presented issues, therefore the third person is preferable to use. Also, the word choice is very important as abbreviations and jargon are not allowed in formal writings. As you may observe, academic writing requires a specific range of skills. If you want to succeed as an academic writer in the US you should be familiar with the US vocabulary, have solid planning and extraction of relevant information skills, master US grammar and have an uniform stylistic approach. Once you have all these skills you could obtain a US academic certification. As an academic writer you could address your abilities to many work domains, such as education, journalism, media, theatre, public speaking or literature. If you are a very organised person and like to research you could also choose to write anthologies or monographs. 

U.S. Academic Writing Test

It cannot be argued that academic writing skills are useful in present times. Whether you would like to be a teacher, a business expert, a famous writer or a respected journalist, you will require them. Therefore, if you picture yourself working in one of these fields in the US, you should take an US academic writing certification. You will have to pass an academic writing exam that will evaluate your skills in the matter. Online certifications would be a great way to prove your abilities as long as you choose reliable providers. You wouldn’t want to take the certification from an untrustable company, because then your efforts will not be properly acknowledged. This is why you should put your trust in, the world leader in the field of online certification and employment testing. This company can provide you the quality academic writing test for the quality certification standing in your way for a successful writing career in the United States 


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