How can you benefit from an Integrated Circuits Certification

 If this is the first time you come across the expression “integrated circuits”, it might sound a little scary and technical to you. Instead, if you were asked to define “chips” or “micro-chips” you would feel more relieved because this is certainly a term you have heard of. Well, you should know that these terms define practically the same device. Now that you found out an useful piece of information on integrated circuits we can continue to discuss their applicability, the utility of a certification in this field if you decide to take it and what would your job prospects look upon getting certified.

To begin with, let us have a closer insight to the topic of integrated circuits – what do they are, what functionality do they have and what is their applicability. Integrated circuits, or chips, as we have already seen, are electronic devices composed of many active and passive electric and electronic interconnected elements placed on a thin surface of semiconductor material such as silicon. Such devices are usually encapsulated in a plastic holder with pins that enable electrical connection. These assemblies have been standardized and have acquired different sizes and different numbers of pins for each capsule. The number of their components has increasingly grown,  reaching even millions in the case of the well-known microprocessors. On the one hand, you must know what elements fit into an integrated circuit: resistors, capacitors and transistors. On the other hand, you should know that chips can be either analog or digital depending on their intended functionality, so you must be familiar with such systems in order to get a certification in the field. Linear integrated circuits are mostly used to amplify the audio or radio frequency, while digital ICs are widely used in the computing industry and for counting frequency. To sum up, you must know that an integrated circuit can play various roles according to its designated purpose: amplifier, oscillator, timer, frequency counter or microprocessor and you should be able to put all this knowledge into practice.

It cannot be argued that there has been an extraordinary  and continuos development in integrated circuits, from the small-scale integration ones containing just a few transistors to nowadays’ large-scale integration of hundreds of millions of components. We can affirm, without any fear of being wrong, that integrated circuits have conquered the world of electronics and are continuously being developed to suit an even greater range of purposes. If you are fascined about technology and keen on integrated circuits you could try to make a career out of it. Being a field that is permanently affected by changes and improvements, it would make an interesting choice of a job that would get you out of your daily routine. Your skills can become the foundation for you to be able to bring your own contribution to the progress of this domain, challenging you to adapt to customers’needs and provide them the best solution. 

Integrated Circuits Test

 It is clear that modern society as we know it has been revolutionized by these small devices and many important industries nowadays have benefited from their development. Most of the electronic equipments use integrated circuits, therefore if you are skilled in this field, there are many appliances where you could bring your contribution to. Computing, mobile communications, audio and video equipments and the fascinating automobile industry are just a few examples of domains in which you could put into practice your skills. If you can showcase your knowledge and abilities, you could become a respected design engineer in this field. The best way to prove your prowess in integrated circuits is to acquire an electronics certification.Online certifications are a great and trustable way of proving your capabilities so if you think you are able to pass an integrated circuits exam you should definitely go for it. can be your trustworthy provider of a well-fundamented integrated circuits test. Why should you choose this company? Because it is the global leader in the field of online certifications and if you want to make a smart investment for your career future Brainmeasures is the best alternative. It will take you less than an hour to pass the test and then you can then receive the well-deserved integrated circuits certification that will strengthen your confidence and improve your career perspectives. 


  • Characteristics of integrated circuit technology
  • CMOS and VLSI systems
  • Combinational Digital systems
  • Digital to analog and Analog to digital systems
  • Integrated capacitors, Inductors and Semi-conductors
  • Linear and Non linear analog systems
  • Multistage amplifiers, Feedback amplifiers and Operational Amplifiers
  • Power circuit systems
  • Sequential digital systems

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

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