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Those familiar with civil engineering surely have heard of structural analysis. In fact, for such people this type of analysis is essential, so they must have valuable knowledge on this topic. Furthermore, those wishing to pursue a career in the engineering field and dreaming about building structures should be aware that structural analysis is a must-know for them. We will present you in this article more about this particular stage in the engineering design of structures and we will also outline the necessary skills one must have in order to perform such an analysis. Moreover, taking account of the benefits brought by taking certifications for our skills, we will try to convince you that a structural analysis certification would look well in your resume.

Let us begin by having a closer look to structural analysis and see the challenges it poses. Such an analysis is meant to estimate the effects of loads on different physical structures and their constituents. As a result, any structure forced to withstand loads can be subject to a structural analysis. For instance, you can perform such an analysis for buildings, towers, bridges, railways, pieces of furniture, vehicles, plants, machines, soil strata and so many more. In order to be able to conduct a structural analysis you must have knowledge of materials and applied mechanics and math to figure out the behavior of a structure’s components when withstanding loads. You must take into consideration everything from internal forces, stress, deformation to support reactions and stability. A well conducted analysis can be essential for avoiding expensive, effort-consuming and time-consuming physical tests on such structures and its results can be trusted for assessing their fitness for use. This is why we stated in the introductory paragraph that structural analysis is very important in the design of structures.

Whenever you need to design a particular structure you need to keep account of its intended functionality, but also of aesthetic aspects and security issues. You must also consider some limitations you might face, such as budget constraints or environmental ones. Moreover, you as a structural engineer must be well aware of all the elements integrated by the respective structure, of their form and functionality. It is often that such elements are rods, bars, columns and beams. You should know that all these elements and the materials that compose them are considered structural systems and usually there are specific structures used for constructing such systems and this is why you should have knowledge on cables, frames, suspensions and trusses. If you are to design a structure you must identify the loads that it will support and such loads are usually visible in building codes. Then you must determine various elements for being able to perform a relevant analysis. These refer to the characteristics of the used materials, structural loads, geometry aspects and support conditions. Once you have all the necessary data for the analysis there are three ways you could approach it: the classical methods like the mechanics of materials, elasticity methods or methods that use numerical approximation. Whatever method you may consider appropriate, you must be well aware of the correct procedure and its limitations. We won’t insist any more on the technicalities of this subject, but we need to emphasize the complexity of the skills needed for performing an accurate structural analysis.

Online Structural Analysis Test

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  • Bending of curved bars
  • Building Frames
  • Cables, Frames and Suspensions
  • Elementary theory of elasticity
  • Rolling load and circular plates
  • Statically indeterminate structures
  • Strain energy analysis and tension co-efficient
  • Structural methods
  • Unsymmetrical bending

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40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

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