Grade VIII Social Science Certification to showcase your capabilities

We should all be enthusiastic about learning more about the world around us. It is exciting to get a closer insight into the specific processes and phenomena that govern our world. However, not everybody is that keen on science and it is usually the case of those who have difficulties in understanding it. It is hard to grow fond of a domain where you need to struggle to grasp the meaning of particular processes and ideologies. But this article targets the students who do like science and particularly social science. We will see more about social science and the curriculum for this matter for eighth grade students. In the final section of the article we will also try to convince you that if you have such skills you could take a test to see exactly where you stand.

At this age, learning about the world around you should never cease to amaze you and if this is your case you should take your curiosity to the next level and learn as much as you can on this subject. Grade VIII is a middle grade, in fact the final grade before high school so it is very important for you to gain useful knowledge in this grade so as to be able to target a good high school. If you want to achieve such a goal you must be sure you cover all the disciplines you are taught, including social science. In this grade you will deepen your understanding and knowledge and you will get prepared for the issues you will discuss later in the higher grades. You should know science is an umbrella term for many disciplines, including physics, chemistry and biology. Social science is also a branch of science in general, but it deals with different concepts, namely history, geography and human behavior issues. Grade VIII students learn mainly history and geography at this age. For example, Grade VI students in the US education system are taught about Native American civilizations, about the causes and consequences of major conflicts like the Revolutionary War and the Cold War, about other major historic events, about the European settlement, about slavery and political parties. You will also be expected to read timelines and order significant events of the past and to classify the characteristics of such historical events into causes and effects. You will review different economic and political systems, you will analyze the Cold War and its major events, you will hear about the search for equal treatment, about current challenges and conflicts like the ones in Middle East and the Iraq War and you will also analyze the performance of recent US presidents.

As far as the geography curriculum is concerned, in this grade students are usually taught about map elements, environmental issues, about geographic data such as latitude and longitude, about topography and the way it influenced the settlement and expansion of the United States and about population characteristics such as density, distribution and regional growth. You can see that the test we present here is focused on the US education system, but you should not draw the conclusion it is only aimed at US students in the eighth grade. Any student of this age and having the knowledge we presented above is eligible for taking this test, so even if you are a foreign student you might still do well on the test if you have the skills and you know the English language.

Grade VIII Social Science Test

To sump up, if you want to check mastery of your Grade VIII social science skills the most convenient alternative would be to take an online test on this topic. is the world leader in online certification and skill testing and offers a quality American school test on this subject. The online social science test you will find upon registration on the site has been designed by experts so you should not doubt the result you will score. If you pass the Grade VIII Social science exam from Brainmeasures it means you have successfully assimilated the relevant notions regarding this discipline and you will be given a skill certificate to prove your knowledge. The Grade VIII Social science Certification will serve you as proof of your passion for social science and for your commitment to learning its insights, this is why if you feel prepared you should register for the test immediately.



  • Geography
  • History

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

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