Design Considerations for Mobile Web Applications Development

Nowadays mobile technologies are facing a boom, owed to the fact that more and more people are purchasing state-of-the-art mobile devices with plenty of functionalities. It seems that people are no longer satisfied with traditional cell phones that are only useful for voice communicating and sending text messages. For instance, they want to have in their pocket a device packed with a multitude of apps to suit their needs. This is why the mobile Web applications development industry is ever-developing. We wish to draw your attention in this article to the design considerations for building such applications and the skills needed to develop them. Once you already have the skills, you should get certified as a reliable way to testify them and we will present you the benefits of such a certification.

We should begin with a few considerations on mobile applications development. Did you know in the United States alone in 2011 more than 63 million people have used their mobile devices for accessing the Internet? And it is expected that the number will exceed 1.7 billion by 2013. So what needs to be done with so many mobile Internet users all over the world? Well, Web developers are compelled to learn everything about the design practices for mobile devices and provide these users with sophisticated Web apps to suit their needs. In the mobile communications market there are never-ending efforts being made to develop satisfying products even for the most exigent customers. Here is where you may bring your valuable contribution if you have the necessary skills. It cannot be argued that mobile web applications have numerous advantages over native apps, although you will need to cope with some design and development challenges. Their greatest benefits are the cross platform, their scalability and the affordability of such solutions.

When wishing to build a mobile application you must first be aware of the differences from the traditional desktop environment. First of all, owed to the fact that mobile phones are smaller, their hardware too is smaller and has lower resources than computers or laptops. Secondly, we shouldn’t fail to consider the size of the screens. Smaller screens pose much more difficulty and challenges in design considerations. Furthermore, the new interaction issues brought by the popular touchscreen technology nowadays differ from the classic input devices represented by keyboards and mouses. Another important aspect refers to the Internet connectivity that sometimes is not as reliable as broadband connections, for example. So whenever you develop a mobile web app you should expect the data transfer to be slower. Once you are aware of these differences you should do your best to design your apps so as to enrich users’ mobile experience. You must be familiar with the available operating systems, screen sizes, resolutions, mobile browsers and interfaces for cell phones in order to decide the platforms you want to optimize your apps for. This decision being made, you must then use your theme and visual design skills for building appealing and useful web applications. Furthermore, you could choose to develop mobile games and you will need game design skills to achieve this goal. Moreover, if you want to keep up with customers’ expectations you should specialize in creating rich, interactive and multimedia applications.

Mobile Web Applications Test

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