The benefits of an U.S English AP Style Editing Skills

The title of this article is very suggestive for its purpose: how would an U.S English AP Style editing skills certification improve your career perspectives and why should you take it in the first place, if you are a beginner in this field. We will review the canons of the AP Stylebook, the editing skills required for obtaining the certification and the improvements that such a certification will usher in your writing career.

For strangers to this domain, the „US English AP Style editing skills certification” sequence of words doesn’t have much semnification. In order to satisfy your curiosity we will inform you that AP stands for Associated Press, the famous American news agency. If you are a reporter or an editor working in the US, the Associated Press Stylebook is a must-have reference. This is owed to the fact that it is the most respected style and usage guide in the news industry from this part of the world, and the AP editors bring further improvements on a yearly basis. This guide has been continuously growing in popularity and has become a true standard for people working in the newspaper industry, as well as for magazines, public relation companies and broadcasters.

The AP Stylebook has seven sections and each section is designed to assist writing professionals in their work. For instance, the section of Business Guidelines provides useful informations and explanations for the terms used in the financial and business news, while the Sports Guidelines and Style contains the useful terminology and rules for sport reporters and editors. There is also a section dedicated to the proper use of punctuation in journalistic writings, one that presents briefings on media law and another section dedicated to photo captions. Next is a whole section treating editing marks for helping journalists with the proofreading. All this being considered, the Associated Press Stylebook should be a reference book for any writing professional from the United States of America.

If you are already familiar with the standards imposed by the AP style it means you are either trying to enter the journalistic field in the US or you are already employed in this field. In both cases, you could take great benefit from acquiring a U.S English AP style editing certification since it would broaden your career perspectives. You might be inclined to think that it is enough to have the knowledge and the techniques. But how could you stand out from the crowd in this case? There are countless journalists who have strong editing skills, especially in the US. Therefore you should do your best to gain an advantage over the average workers in this field.

Then you might think that a certification in this field would not be useful because you could prove your skills by doing the actual writing. This might be true if you are already employed and you would like to work on some new projects. It would be easier for you to convince your employer that you are the most suitable person for the job. You could just demonstrate it by writing a sample on the specific topic. But things are not that easy when you are a beginner in this field and all the doors seem to be closing in front of you. Being new to the job means you don’t have too many samples of your previous writings to catch the employer’s attention.

Not to mention that in all likelihood you won’t be given the chance to write on the topics you prefer. You will have to work hard to build your reputation in this challenging environment and acquiring certifications for your skills would mark a step forward.

U.S. English AP Style Editing Skills Test

All in all, whether you are new to this job or you already are a writing professional, if you have the AP style editing skills you should get certified because it will improve your career chances and will increase your appreciation at the workplace. If you know the variety of writing errors that can be made in journalism, from spelling to grammar and usage errors, and you have the ability writing in an accurate way you should have no problems in passing an editing skills exam.

The easiest way of taking it is online. Online certifications are highly trustable and recognised if you choose reliabe providers. is an ISO certified company putting at your disposal a quality editing skills test to evaluate both your knowledge of AP Style practices and your editing skills. So if you are up to the challenge visit the website and register online for acquiring the editing skills certification that will boost your career as a writing professional.



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