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There is no doubt the mobile communications technology is facing a boom. More and people become aware of the benefits of having a cell phone and are looking for the particular one that offers the facilities they need the most. In fact, it is not rare that individuals possess many such devices. For instance, they have one for handling job duties and communicating with business partners and another mobile phone for staying in touch with the closest friends and family. In addition, most of us choose their cell phones keeping account of the connection facilities they offer, because they want to be able to access the Internet from everywhere as long as they have their cell in the pocket. This is why it has been a true challenge for mobile companies to develop the technology to allow users to do more than just voice communications. We will discuss in this article the CDMA technology and its benefits to users and we will also present you the skills needed to become certified in this technology. Furthermore, we will show you why it is good to take certifications for your skills and why would a career in the mobile technologies be rewarding.

First of all, you might wonder what CDMA stands for. Short for Code Division Multiple Access, CDMA is a mobile phone technology using “spread spectrum” methods. Such methods enable many signals to occupy a singular channel for transmission, this is why it is not wrong to say CDMA is a way of multiplexing. Thanks to the optimal use of the available bandwidth, this technology is integrated in UHF phone systems. As you may already know, UHF stands for Ultra-High Frequency, so CDMA is mostly used in the 800 Megahertz and 1.9 Gigahertz bands. This technology is native to the United States of America but it is gaining more and more appreciation worldwide and more countries are now using CDMA. In the USA, it is used by many service providers, including Sprint, Alltel and Verizon Wireless. CDMA allows multiple users to exchange information simultaneously over the same communication channel. This is in fact the concept of multiple access. Perhaps you wonder how exactly CDMA technology works. You should know there are several differences between the GSM and the CDMA technology, the major one concerning the way in which data is turned into radio waves and how the carrier connects to the cell phone. CDMA assigns a pdeuso-random digital sequence for every communication in order to tell it apart from the others in the same spectrum. We have already seen that every channel makes use of the entire available spectrum. The signal therefore occupies a much greater bandwidth than the one actually necessary for sending the information, thus reducing interferences and jamming. The uniqueness of the assigned code is an important improvement to the standard modulation and makes it possible for the receiver to synchronize it for recovering the data.

Here is one interesting piece of information on the origins of this interesting technology: it dates back to the World War II. The English allies have transmitted over several frequencies, thus making it hard for the Germans to jam their transmissions and pick up the complete signal. The CDMA technology doesn’t use SIM cards, it is more reliable and benefits from a greater coverage. Taking account of the limited spectrum resources, CDMA has proven to be extremely useful by allowing many people to share the airwaves simultaneously in comparison to other technologies. If you are familiar with the fundamentals and the technical details of this technology you could try to get a certification to prove your skills. In order to achieve it you should also have valuable knowledge on the cdmaOne solution for digital wireless telecommunications and on CDMA2000, which is a family of standards based on CDMA technologies.

Online CDMA Test

Once you think you have what it takes you should resort to skill testing for assessing your capabilities in a professional manner. There are numerous providers of an online CDMA exam, and this would be the most convenient alternative for you to deal with such a test. You should choose the provider carefully if you want to improve your career and your financial perspectives. While average wireless CDMA specialists earn $84,000 each year, with the certificate you could earn up to 20% more, but it depends on the reputation of your certification provider. This is why you should choose, the global leader in online certification and employee testing. This company is committed to offering you a quality CDMA test for the quality certification as well, so you should not hesitate and register for the test immediately if you want to reap all the benefits of a CDMA certification.


  • CDMA2000
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  • Fundamentals of CDMA
  • Technical Details of CDMA

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