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It seems that nowadays we live in the communications age, therefore we are compelled to adapt to it. Thanks to the latest developments in the industry we are now able to communicate free of charge with our friends and relatives located in another side of the world. We have the possibility to chat with them, see them and even hear them, and it is all owed to an Internet connection and some state-of-the-art software applications. The Skype Protocol service is one of the most popular such applications, despite the strong competition. So if you know what Skype is about and are passionate about general programming, you could choose to pursue a career as a Skype developer. This would certainly make a promising choice for a career as this field is rapidly evolving and there is a growing demand of people with Skype skills.

Firstly we should discuss the aspects that made Skype so popular among users and subsequently see why would a Skype development certification be a great asset to you. As we already mentioned, Skype is a voice-over-Internet protocol service that gives users the possibility to communicate between each other, regardless of their location. The communication can be ensured by online instant messaging, by voice or by video chat. The main advantage is that calling other Skype users is free of charge. Therefore, you can talk as much as you desire without having to worry you will owe any money. This is a strong convincing factor for people to start using Skype for their international calls. You should be aware that making a long distance call abroad would raise your phone bill a lot, so this wouldn’t be a preferable method. This is why more than 600 million users have turned to Skype. Even the prestigious Microsoft company has understood Skype’s utility and popularity and has decided to become Skype’s owner from 2011.

Skype has some extended features that contributed even more to its popularity among users. First of all, this software application allows the transfer of files, so it is very useful whenever you have something to share with your peers. This facility is also of great utility for people working for employers abroad. They can easily use Skype for communicating with their superiors and sending them the required work. Another feature that makes Skype popular even for business purposes is videoconferencing. Companies worldwide can make videoconferences with their foreign fellow workers and make business decisions, and it is all owed to the wonder of Skype. Also, for students who want to apply for Work and Travel and other similar programs it is common to have their interviews taken on Skype, since it would be very hard and expensive to establish the actual meeting between the student and its potential employer from another country. All this being considered, it comes as no surprise that Skype has acquired so much popularity. This is also why there is a growing demand of people with Skype development skills. And if you are familiar with the fundamentals and features of Skype, with its public API and security procedures you could bring your own contribution to the development of this software. You could address your services to vendors who wish to integrate their applications to Skype or to the companies that want to have Skype integrated in their businesses.

Knowledge of Skype Development Exam

Of course, you should be aware that having the skills might not be enough since programming usually takes time and a potential employer might not have the time and willingness to let you prove your skills by doing the practical activity. So such employers may rely only on the strongest testimonies of your abilities: your certifications and your previous work experience. If you wish to enter this fascinating industry a Skype development certification would be your ticket in. Even if you already work as a Skype developer you could get certified because you will increase your chances to get a higher salary and to be assigned more complex jobs. Therefore, no matter who you are, if you wish to become an appreciated Skype developer you should take the certification. An online certification would be a convenient option and a trustable proof of your skills as long as you choose the right provider. This is why you should put yout trust in, the global leader in online certification and employment testing. This company can provide you the quality online Skype exam you need for showcasing your knowledge and skills. Upon passing the Skype development test, you will be granted a reliable certification that will boost your resume and prove your commitment to excellence in this field.


  • Skype Basics and Features
  • Skype Public API
  • Skype Security
  • Skype4COM

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40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

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The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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