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Mobile phone owners worldwide have become increasingly exigent with regards to such devices. For such people, mobile Web is indispensable and they wish to be able to access the Internet at any time, regardless of their location. This is why Mobile Web Authoring is gaining more and more ground and a career in this domain would undoubtedly prove rewarding for those having the required skills. This is exactly the purpose of this article: to draw your attention to the issue of mobile web authoring and to present you what it takes to become a successful professional in this line of work.

You should know your major goal as a mobile web author is to improve the user experience. In order to achieve this goal you must be aware of the challenges imposed by developing web applications for mobile devices. These challenges are caused by the differences between mobile devices and desktop PCs or laptops. Mobile phones have smaller screens and constraints concerning input capabilities and bandwidth. In addition, the power and memory of their processor is also limited. You must take all these aspects into consideration when you wish to create mobile web apps. The small screens make Web browsing less easy with a mobile device. Also, for those having cell phones with a numeric keypad writing text takes enough time, in comparison to performing the same action on devices with qwerty keyboards. This is a very important aspect to consider in the interaction design phase. The limited processor power is perhaps the biggest challenge for the device manufacturing companies. There are great efforts being made to bring these devices closer to the desktop PCs in terms of processor capabilities. Moreover, mobile phones cannot be compared to computers in terms of bandwidth, because it is obvious they have little available. The situation is brighter for those who benefit from 3G technology, but the rest of users usually can’t count on a speed higher than just a few Kbps. This is why you should avoid large graphics and consider the latency caused by the time users might need for establishing an Internet connection.

You can face the challenge of creating the mobile version of a particular website. You should be aware that this activity is not advisable in all situations. For instance, doing work-related research is something most people delay until they get home and can do it from their computers, with increased speed and efficiency. Furthermore, booking a holiday is also something that does not attract too many people, because there is a high risk of something to go wrong. On the other hand, we are all inclined to use our mobile devices for reading the latest news, checking the weather forecast, accessing our e-mails and looking at the price of stocks on the Stock Exchange. This is why you should channel your efforts into telephony and messaging apps or into applications that are based on location. The reason is that such activities are exclusive to mobile devices. The variety of devices and of the features they integrate is another obstacle for mobile development. There are many characteristics that differ from one device to another, starting with the hardware and network characteristics and ending with multimedia formats and browser capabilities.

Online Mobile Web Authorizing Test

It cannot be argued that mobile web authoring is difficult and you must take every aspect into consideration. There are specific skills you must have in order to provide an acceptable user experience in this field. You must have knowledge of both CSS and XHTML Mobile Profile and you must be able to adapt the content for the particular devices you work with. Once you are aware of the challenges of a career in mobile web authoring and you have the required skills you could try to become a certified professional in this field. is a trustable provider of many skill tests on mobile technologies and can provide you a quality online Mobile Web Authoring exam to test your abilities. This company is the global leader in online employee testing and offers tests that have been designed by experts in the respective fields. If you successfully pass such a test you will be granted a valuable online certification that will boost your resume and improve your financial perspectives too. While the average salary of mobile application developers is $92,000, with the certificate you could significantly increase your earnings. Let Brainmeasures provide you the valuable Mobile Web Authoring Certification you need to set your career in this domain to ascension.


  • CSS
  • XHTML Mobile Profile

No. of Questions

30  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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