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We should begin by saying this certification is not for the faint-hearted. As the name itself suggests, you will deal with the prison environment. Although it might sound intimidating, a career in prison consultancy could be really rewarding. Moreover, you will have the chance to do something for your community. So you should not be reluctant to the idea, at least not until you know exactly what is it about.

This article is intended to present you the insights of the prison consultant activity and see the benefits of getting a certification if you think you have what it takes to help people in this situation. You should know that consultancy is about assisting people for a certain purpose. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a job as prison consultant revolves around helping incarcerated individuals and their families to handle the new circumstances. The field of prison consultancy is relatively new and there is no agency to keep record of those in this business. Many of the successful prison consultants nowadays have learned the ropes in this industry by serving time in prison themselves. It might be easier for those who already know the environment to tackle job duties in this case. But it is not necessarily so, though. Sometimes it is not enough to be familiar with life in prison, because there is more to this job than simply advising inmates on how to handle their new status. You must have good human psychology skills to identify the best way to approach your clients. You must be able to look under the surface and see what led them to commit the crimes they are charged for and what you need to do to help them not to repeat such actions. Also, psychological skills would be great if you have to help the families of convicted criminals to cope with the new circumstances.

Many of nowadays’ prison consultants have been working in the legal system or are former prisoners who wished to turn their experience into a way of earning their living. Those who have legal expertise can be of even great assistance, because they can take an active part and work with attorneys on their clients’ cases. By doing so, they can play a significant role in shortening the sentences and sending their clients to a lower security level prison. Either way, a job as prison consultant is quite challenging and requires complex skills. What is more, you must be very good at interpersonal relations in order to approach your clients and bond with them. Prison consultants can give valuable advice to inmates. They should, for instance, teach prisoners not to engage in conflicts and disputes they could avoid. Moreover, they must be warned and properly guided so as not to get involved in prison gangs and the famous drug culture. Skilled prison consultants can provide valuable advice on what needs to be done to get a better bed or even a private cell and what inmates could do to get easier job assignments.

Regardless of the actions that led to the imprisonment of their clients, prison consultants have the difficult task of teaching them how to adapt to this environment and ease their stay, if not even shorten it. The most skilled prison consultants could take the matters further and play an active role in the rehabilitation of their subjects. By taking the right psychological approach, consultants can persuade convicts to analyze their actions and see the mistakes they have made and the need for them not to repeat such actions. In doing so, prison consultants can contribute to the well-being of the community they are a part of.

Prison Consultant Certification Test

All this being considered, we can say prison consultancy is a challenging career, but it could be really rewarding. It is always good to help someone, even if we are talking about those who have lost their way. And you could make great money if you have what it takes in this line of work. The average salary is about $43,000, but the numbers vary depending on factors such as expertise, for example. If you get certified, the more you will earn since accreditated professionals are likely to draw more clients to opt for their services. An online certification taken from will give you an edge above the rest and make you stand out from the crowd. So you should put your trust in this company for your prison consultant certification. Brainmeasures can offer you a quality online prison consultant exam to assess your skills. Upon passing the prison consultant test you will be granted the certification you need to get acknowledged in this field, so you should not hesitate and register for the test immediately.


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