MS Access: the Data Vault

Databases are nothing new. Even before the advent of computers, large repositories of data organized in specific ways were not an uncommon thing. Filesystems consuming drawers and cabinets and folders and card catalogs were the word of the day. However, when computers came around, everything changed.

 In the early days of computing, databases were not an easy team to work with. One had to have a knowledge of binary and computer hardware to even interact with the computer at all. However, as computers became more powerful and structured ways of interacting with them, became commonplace specific frameworks and languages for the sole purpose of database construction and maintenance were invented.

 This is not to say that they were necessarily easy to use at first. Things such as COBOL, FoxPro, and even many of the modern ones used by servers such as SQL were not easy to interact with. However, as databases, became more atomic and more and more every day. People needed to interact with, or even create them software came to be, which made this much more streamlined of and experience.

This is where MS Access came into being. Borrowing from several other forms of software, such as spreadsheets, word processors, and even interface designing from things such as Visual Basic, MS Access offer accessibility to the database concept on a level that nothing else could.

Everything changed again in 2007, when MS Access 2007 was released. While it did see some significant changes in the 2000 version, along with word and Excel, it's all even further changes in 2007. Released around the time that Visual Studio 2007 was released (Microsoft programming system), it was prepared to be fully integrated with software development, and allow some aspect of software development within sell. While software development within MS Access was not anything new, the extent to which development could be done within it was brought to new levels.

 Factoring in all of this, anyone wishing to ensure further value to their company and therefore job security, as well as anyone looking to improve their viability in the job market cannot go wrong with learning MS Access 2007.

MS Access 2007 is no longer the newest version of MS Access on the market. However, migrating from 2007 to the newest version 2010 requires very little effort or new learning. However, migrating from any system before 2007 requires quite a bit of training and new learning. That in mind, the best place to enter the world of databasing, especially with MS Access, is with MS Access 2007. Obtaining an MS Access 2007 certification is an excellent investment, and a boom to anyone's professional stature. With the ease of development, extensive security, and pure efficiency with which Access has always been able to present receive and store data, it is only going to become more popular and more frequently encountered as time goes by.

Online certification is the most convenient, least stressful and most cost-effective way to gain an MS Access 2007 certification. Unlike classrooms, testing facilities or standard books from bookstores, online certification usually presents a specially designed course, along with a test designed with the course in my. This eliminates costly tuition stressful schedules at a risk of being tested on information that wasn't presented to you in a certain way.

There are many companies that offer and online MS Access 2007 certification. Many companies provide what they claim to be the best MS Access 2007 fast. Only one of them can be telling the truth. 

The Brainmeasures by online MS Access 2007 Certification Test

 Brainmeasures is the leading company in online learning, testing and certification. We have years of experience providing online education to various nations and various industries. We have countless fields from which to teach, and we add more every day. We stand by a level of quality, which no other company can reach, and we also hold our students to the same standards of all of the to which we hold ourselves – not an easy target to hit without diligence.

When creating this MS access 2007 test, we consulted with professionals in various fields who use MS Access on a regular basis. We asked them the sorts of situations which they encountered on a daily basis, and how they use, practical application of their knowledge of the topic to solve them. This guaranteed that not only would the course and test on this topic guarantee a working knowledge of the software, but also how to use it in real world situations – often not the same as what a book would predict. Problem solving in relation to an understanding of tools is absolutely mandatory in order for learning to actually work in the real world. Knowing the facts, and knowing what to do with the facts when it hits the fan, are not the same thing – Brainmeasures understands this rather well.

Not only is this the most portable MS Access 2007 exam around, it is the most comprehensive in both teaching MS Access 2007 and using MS Access 2007, which are not the same thing.


  • Access Database
  • Access Interface
  • File Management and Sorting Access
  • Forms Access
  • Macros and Programmability Access
  • Queries Access
  • Reports Access
  • Tables Access
  • Working with SharePoint Sites and Expressions Access

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

Pricing and Payment Options

Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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