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Those who consider translation to be nothing more than the substitution of languages are very wrong and should read this article to see the reasons why. On the other hand, those who are attracted by a translating career or the experienced professionals in this field can bring strong arguments to prove translation somehow resembles art. If you read the title of this article you should not draw the conclusion you can build a career in translation just by having skills in Italian and English. We will discuss here the Italian to English translation skills that are required for succeeding in a career in this field and we will also show you why it is good to get certified if you have what it takes.

Let us begin our discussion around the point of view we mentioned above. As we said, some people are inclined to think translation is easy once you know the two required languages. But translation is not just a substitution of languages, since by replacing each Italian word with its English corresponding you will not obtain a coherent text. Such a translator must first understand very well what the Italian text that needs to be translated is about. This task might prove difficult even for native Italian speakers, because one cannot claim to know every possible Italian word or concept. This is the consequence of our human knowledge limitations and of the fact that we tend to get familiar with the terminology used in the domains that most interest us. For example, if you are passionate about IT and art it is rather unlikely for you to master biological terms. Translators who wish to make a name for them in the business should do their best to broaden their cultural knowledge and accumulate vocabulary terms from many domains. As we mentioned in the introductory section, translation somehow resembles an art because it demands artistic abilities to alter the original text in another language and manage to deliver a valuable content to be presented to the target audience. It seems even harder because in most cases the target audience is not familiar with the original text, but the message they get from your translation must be the same with the original. Italian to English skills are demanded because both languages are very popular nowadays, not to mention English is the most widely spoken language in the entire world. In order to translate in this language, you must have an in-depth knowledge on the grammar particularities, on the syntax and the vocabulary of this language, apart from the skills we already mentioned. If you have such skills you could target a variety of work fields, not only translation. It is all depending on what you would like to do in the future and how you picture yourself in a few years. In addition, it is also a matter of personal willingness and determination because it takes more than just mastering the basics if you want to achieve success at work.

Online Spanish Translation Test

However, you must be aware there are many professionals who have strong translating skills. Therefore you should do your best to gain an advantage over the average workers in this field. You will have to work hard to build your reputation in this challenging environment and acquiring certifications for your skills would mark a step forward. If you think you are Italian to English translator material you should pursue a job in this field. Skill testing is a great way to assess your knowledge and the most convenient alternative for you to stand out from the crowd would be to get a Spanish to English translation skills Certification from a worthy provider. is the global leader in online certification and employee testing and could be the best alternative for you. The Italian to English translation exam is one of the many online hiring tests provided by this company and it has been designed by experts in this field. As a consequence, nobody could question its quality of the online translation test you take from this site. Upon getting certified, you will enhance both your career and financial perspectives. For instance, while the average annual salary of Italian to English translators is $40,000, with this certificate attached to your resume you could increase your earnings. So you should not hesitate and choose Brainmeasures for this valuable certification for your future career.


  • Pronouns
  • Participles and Gerunds
  • Sentence Structure
  • Time expressions

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

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The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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