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Most people are actually reading every day, for various purposes. Whether it is for their own pleasure, with the purpose of staying in touch with the latest news or for accomplishing their job duties, reading is practiced on a large scale all over the world. Moreover, many people have inclinations in this field and have pursued jobs in journalism or have accepted the challenge of writing fiction or non-fiction books. It is for such people and for those who are in charge of reviewing and correcting their work that critical reading skills are required. We will discuss in this article the insights of critical reading, the skills related to this field and the need for you to get certified if you possess such skills.

Let us begin by having a closer look onto critical reading. Some people might have no clue what this is about and we should first shed light upon this concept. Critical reading skills relate to the ability of making judgements on a piece of writing. Upon having such skills you will be expected to understand, analyze, evaluate and express what you are reading in a summary. In fewer words, you must be able to evaluate the ideas from a given text. Most of us have made use of our critical reading skills whenever we had to make research for our projects in university. For such purposes, we needed to read lots of materials on the same subject, extract the essential informations and use them in our projects, being careful to present our own opinion on the informations we had included. A critical reader must be able to synthesize what he is reading. For doing this, he must first determine the purpose of the writing he is to evaluate. If such topics are clear he can then make judgements on the content and see if the writer has indeed managed to develop the subject properly so as to achieve the purpose. Such reading skills are very reflective and involve the person in question to keep the distance from the text he needs to criticise. The mission of a critical reader is to evaluate the credibility of the piece of writing he has to analyze. In doing so, he must be aware that all writers have a goal when they write and he should see if they have managed to emphasize the facts and aspects that support their purpose. If they have done so, it means the writing is of good quality and is worthy of printing, publishing on the Web, or for whatever purpose it may be.

If you think you are critical reader material you should know there are several skills you need to have, apart from those we already mentioned. A good critic will be given lots of materials to analyze, correct and express their opinion. Such materials can cover a variety of topics, so a person looking for a career in this field must have very good vocabulary skills in order to understand all the terms that may be used in the writings they will have to analyze. You must first make sense of what you are reading in order to be able to make judgements on it. It is for this purpose that you constantly need to update your vocabulary skills. Moreover, you might be required to read lots of materials in a short period of time, so you must be have a certain fluency in reading, apart from the already mentioned capacity to extract the main ideas and arguments from the text. Lastly, you must have very good comprehension skills, and it is obvious such skills are also linked to your vocabulary knowledge.

Critical Reading Skills Test

Once you think you have what it takes to be a good critical reader you could make a career out of such skills and enter the journalistic field or the movie industry, for example. You should know it is not enough to have the required skills, you must also need to testify them in a reliable way. This is why a critical reading skills certification would be a great asset for you. Upon getting certified you will be able to earn more money than the amount you would earn if you don’t possess the certification for your skills. We will name just one example: a critical reader earns an average $61,000, while a certified person in this field is likely to earn even 25% more than this amount. In order to acquire the valuable certification you must be able to pass a critical reading skills exam. Here is where can help you. This is a reputed company in the field of online certification and employment testing and offers a quality critical reading skills test to evaluate your abilities in this field. Such a test has been designed by experts in the field, so if you pass it with flying colors you will have your skills testified in a trustable way. So do you have any more doubts? You are one website visit away from acquiring a valuable certification for your career.


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