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In today’s fast-paced and demanding world we often facing situations when a video giving us instructions and the proper how-to would be of great help to us. Video recordings can help us cope with many new things in our life or products that we are interested in. For instance, we have all seen recorded online tutorials teaching us the ropes of a particular program or software. So it cannot be argued that videos of all kinds are very useful and can make life easier for us. This is why such recordings are so popular and widely sought. Therefore, the ability to create such videos would give anyone many benefits and with the right skills you could even make a career out of it. Camtasia is one of the useful software with this purpose and in this article we will present you the available features and the skills needed to become a pro in Camtasia. Furthermore, it is our goal to convince you that once you have in-depth knowledge on Camtasia it would be the best for you to get the certification on this topic too, and we will present you the advantages of certified professionals in this field.

First of all, let us have a closer look at Camtasia. The name of this product is very suggestive for its purpose. So you may guess we are dealing with a video recording and editing tool. The product has been developed by the American TechSmith company and it is a screen video capture application. With this tool you can easily record everything from presentations to web tutorials and software demos. There are three stages you must pass in order to distribute your video recordings. First, it is obvious that you need to record your screen, presentations, music tracks or webcam videos. You can capture either full screen or you can define a window to be captured. Then you have the possibility to edit your recordings in order to polish them and make them look professional. In this phase you can for example add graphics to your videos for capturing the attention of your viewers. You can also emphasize the cursor movements to make it easy for everyone to follow the action. Another feature allows you to insert title clips for introducing the parts of your video and you can also choose from numerous transition features. Moreover, you can insert quizzes in any stage of your screencast in order to see your viewer’s opinion on the recording and test their attention for seeing how much do they understand from it. In order to enhance your screencast you also have the possibility to insert media files with Camtasia. You can insert anything from photos and music to video clips and animations. The last step in creating your screencast is sharing it with your target audience. You can save your recording in many formats and you can even share it on YouTube or on

More and more people are taking advantage from Camtasia and thanks to the multitude of features it provides this software can suit a variety of purposes. In the business world you can use Camtasia to record sophisticated and informative videos, to record demos of your products and sales presentations to publish on your website. The education environment can also take great benefits from Camtasia, because you can record lectures and real-time presentations for anyone to learn or catch up after an absence. Also, with proper Camtasia skills you can record trainings and tutorials for a variety of products or for directing new personnel. You could even make your own help desk. It seems that everyone could use Camtasia abilities, and there is no wonder such skills are on demand.

Online Camtasia Skills Test

Once you have the skills you should try to pass an online exam for getting the Camtasia skills certification as a way to enhance your career prospects. In doing so, you will become a valuable asset for every organization that needs skilled people for achieving their goals. Furthermore, a certification would testify your commitment to excellence and would raise you above your peers. While the average salary of training developers and Camtasia specialists is $48,000, with the certificate attached to your resume you could significantly increase your earnings. An online certification taken from, the global leader in online exams and employee testing, would showcase your abilities to the world. Brainmeasures is renowned for the quality of the skill testing exams it offers. So you should not hesitate and take the provided Knowledge of Camtasia skills test as a prerequisite to the valuable certification that would boost your resume and improve your career perspectives in any field.


  • Camtasia Recorder
  • Edit and Add Effects to Your Video in Camtasia
  • Produce and Share a Video in Camtasia

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40  multiple choice questions.

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