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For any manager working in the business environment the term „Six Sigma” should sound at least familiar. Although it is a relatively recent concept, the Six Sigma has gained appreciation for providing the systems and tools to solve problems in a professional and methodical manner. The Six Sigma is an innovative managerial concept firstly developed by the Motorola American company in 1986. This method aimed to reduce errors and to help making things better and faster through a set of quality standards for daily work. Six Sigma originated as a set of practices designed to improve manufacturing processes and eliminate defects, but its application was subsequently extended.

The Six Sigma approach has a very well-defined structure known as the DMAIC project methodology: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, each following a defined sequence of steps and having a specific, quantified financial target (cost reduction and/or increase in profit). This business management strategy creates a special infrastructure of people within each company who are experts in the above-mentioned methods. The training for Lean Six Sigma is provided through the belt based training system, with the belt personnel consisting of White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts. The Black Belts who will be discussed in this article are high on the hierarchy and they have the responsibility of leading problem-solving projects and coaching and coordinating projects teams.  Black Belts must have a complete understanding of all the insights of the DMAIC model according to the principles of Six Sigma and must know the fundamentals of the Lean concepts for being able to identify the activities that won’t add value to an organization. A Black Belt professional should be able to explain Six Sigma methodology to the team he will lead and make efforts to implement Six Sigma within an organization.

If you are formerly trained in Six Sigma (the Green Belt curricula) and you have already participated in Six Sigma projects, you will need to extend your knowledge for achieving the Six Sigma Black Belt title. In order to do so, you should give equal importance and weightage to all topics of the concerned subject. This means you will have to begin your training with the design phase and the work your way through the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control phases. There are several aspects concerning the design phase you should cover in your training, beginning with the quality function deployment. This method is a key practice to any aspiring Black Belt professional, because it involves focusing on a project from the customers or the company’s point of view. Moreover, it is a very useful technique for initiating and developing competitive strategies and tactics.The high priority goal is to transform demands into quality and the most commonly used methods are graphs and matrices. 

Six Sigma Black Belt Design Phase test

Other essential topics to turn your attention to are the failure modes and effects analysis. They are extremely important because in every project you need to handle things with caution and try not to overlook what may go wrong. You should make good use of the past experience and help your team to identify potential failures and their consequences on the good progress of your activity. It is always advisable to spot them in an early stage for reducing the effort and expenses necessary to fix the problem. This technique is widely used in manufacturing industries but it has begun to be used on a larger scale in the service industry too. You should also be familiar with the DFX concept, meaning design for excellence and have hands-on experience in special design tools.

If you dedicate enough time and effort to deepen your understanding on all these important concepts you should be prepared for passing a Black Belt Design Phase test. is a reliable online provider of the quality free Six Sigma exam you need to test your skills and you should put your trust in this company for helping you broaden your career perspectives. The Six Sigma Black Belt Design Phase test from Brainmeasures will review all the relevant design knowledge you must have to be a successful Black Belt professional, so you should not hesitate and take the test immediately.


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