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People who come across the „Six Sigma Black Belt Measure Phase” for the first time might feel intimidated since it all sounds very technical. On the other hand, managers who wish to stay current with the latest concepts surely have heard about Six Sigma. Although it is a relatively recent concept, the Six Sigma has gained appreciation for providing the systems and tools to solve problems in a professional and methodical manner.

The Six Sigma approach has a very well-defined structure known as the DMAIC project methodology: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, each following a defined sequence of steps and having a specific, quantified financial target (cost reduction and/or increase in profit). DMAIC Six Sigma projects can be implemented in every organization for increasing its value and such projects create an entire infrastructure of professionals, all of them being experts in the forementioned methods. Six Sigma is provided through the belt based training system, and the hierarchy of the belt personnel consists of White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts, the latter being at the top of the tree.

If you are already certified as Green Belt and wish to upgrade to the more prestigious Black Belt title you should train for being able to pass the Six Sigma Black Belt exam. In order to do so, you should give equal importance and weightage to all topics of this challenge and the Measure Phase is just one of the subjects on which you need to deepen your knowledge. This phase is the second phase of a DMAIC project, after the Define phase, and involves extensive studies and analysis of data. There are several aspects concerning the measure phase you should cover in your training, beginning with process characteristics such as variables, flow metrics and analysis tools. In this phase you must make good use of charts and diagrams to analyze processes. Secondly you should master all about relevant data for the project: data types, scales of measurement and sampling methods that preserve data integrity. Furthermore, you must be able to develop plans for collecting data and decide what will its utility be. Moreover, you should be able to perform a measurement system analysis and see how such measurement systems can be applied in a variety of functional areas, like sales, engineering, research, marketing and customer satisfaction.

If you want to become an expert in the Measure phase of a project you must also have a solid knowledge on basic statistics. You should be familiar with calculations of central tendency and dispersion, be able to construct charts and diagrams, as well as interpreting frequency distributions and cumulative frequency distributions. What is more, you will need to handle probability concepts and know what types of distributions should be used and when.

Last, but not least, you must have hands-on experience in process capability issues and be able to calculate indices to assess this characteristic. In this stage you will be required to make many calculations, including a capability analysis for both attributes and non-normal data. In the end you should be able to determine process performance metrics, like percent defective, defects per million opportunities and others. What is more, you need to make the distinction between natural process limits and specification limits. 

Six Sigma Black Belt Measure Phase Test

All this being considered, we can draw the conclusion that the Measure phase of a DMAIC project requires complex skills and you must pay attention to every detail if you want to become a Black Belt professional. If you are confident in your skills but are willling to test them you could take a free Six Sigma exam as a step forward to getting the certification. An online certification in Six Sigma would be greatly appreciated if you take it from a reliable provider. can be your best alternative, not only for providing you a free Six Sigma Black Belt Measure Phase test, but also for getting the Black Belt certification.

This company is the world leader in the field of online certification and employment testing. Achieving a Six Sigma Black Belt certification should be your final goal because it would testify your commitment to excellence and to the positive impact it will have on your corporation. 


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