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If you hear this sequence of words, „Six Sigma Black Belt FMEA test” might sound intimidating, especially if these notions don’t ring any bell. On the other hand, if you know what Six Sigma is you should have heard about Black Belt too. And if you have an in-depth knowledge on the subject, you should also know that FMEA stands for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis.

The Six Sigma is a quality improvement initiative that originated in 1986, its aim being to reduce errors and to help making things better and faster through a set of quality standards for daily work. Its main applicability has been in the manufacturing processes, but later its application has been extended to any process with a measurable outcome. The training for Six Sigma is provided through the belt based training system, where Black Belts are second in hierarchy, after the Master Black Belts. Black Belts must have a complete understanding of all the insights of the DMAIC model according to the principles of Six Sigma. If you are formerly trained in the Green Belt curricula you will need to extend your knowledge for achieving the Six Sigma Black Belt title. In order to do so, you should give equal importance and weightage to all topics of the concerned subject and the FMEA is a very crucial step in the third phase of a project – the Analyze phase. FMEA is extremely important because in every project you need to handle things with caution and try not to overlook what may go wrong. You should make good use of the past experience and help your team to identify potential failures and their consequences on the good progress of your activity. It is always advisable to spot them in an early stage for reducing the effort and expenses necessary to fix the problem. This technique is widely used in manufacturing industries but it has begun to be used on a larger scale in the service industry too.

FMEA is a widely used procedure for risk analysis. It can be used in the design phase of a certain product or service, in the manufacturing process, or throughout the entire progress of a process or project. As a result, potential failures can be identified and their negative impact can be quantified and, therefore, reduced or even eliminated. The purpose of the FMEA is to spot errors, their consequences and the probability of their emergence. There are two phases of a failure modes and effects analysis process. The first one is to identify potential failure modes and the corresponding measures that need to be taken. Then, after these measures are being implemented, the subject of the analysis is being re-evaluated to see if the changes led to the desired effect. In order to perform a successful FMEA you must be familiar with all its procedures. You should start with the identification of the scope of the analysis. Then you should use flow-charts to make sure your team understands all the details. The next step would be to identify the purpose of the analysed subject, whether it is a product, a service, a process or a system and what are the customers’expectations. For each of its functions you will need to consider different scenarios to see what could go wrong  and for each failure mode you must identify all consequences and their severity. Then you should identify causes for each potential failure and the corresponding occurence rating. The final step would be to identify recommended actions.

Free Six Sigma Black Belt FMEA Test

 FMEA is a very important topic to deepen your knowledge on if you want to achieve a Six Sigma certification. An online certification would be a reliable way to prove your skills in this field, as long as you choose a trustable provider. However, you need to be sure you have covered every topic if you want to successfuly pass a quality online Six Sigma exam. The  Black Belt FMEA is one of the most important topics required for achieving the Black Belt title so you need to take your time to practice in order to harness your abilities.

Once you are confident in your knowledge you should try to take a test to verify exactly where you stand. is a reputed company in the field of online certification and employment testing and can provide you the quality free FMEA test you need to evaluate your capacities. This would be a very important step in your training for becoming a Black Belt so you should not hesitate and visit the site for taking the test immediately


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