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Six Sigma is a quality improvement initiative that has proven its utility and benefits within any organization, regardless of its sector of activity. Initially developed by Motorola in 1986, this concept aimed to reduce errors and to help making things better and faster through a set of quality standards for daily work. Six Sigma originated as a set of practices designed to improve manufacturing processes and eliminate defects, but its application was subsequently extended.

The Six Sigma approach has a very well-defined structure known as the DMAIC project methodology: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, each following a defined sequence of steps and having a specific, quantified financial target. The training for Six Sigma is provided through the belt based training system, with the belt personnel consisting of White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts. The Black Belts are high on the hierarchy and they have the responsibility of leading problem-solving projects as well as coordinating projects teams. As a Black Belt professional you are expected to explain Six Sigma philosophies and principles to your team, mentor your fellow colleagues in this field and assign roles and responsibilities for them. Also, as a Six Sigma Black Belt you will be given the trust to develop more complex projects within your organization. Therefore, you need to be sure you can handle all these responsibilities and the first step towards achieving this is to learn. It is very important that you give equal importance to all the phases of a project, beginning with the define phase and ending with the control. For each phase, you should prove your capacity to understand its purpose and the tools that can be used for attaining it. The Regression Analysis is one of the important topics you must turn your attention to. This tool is used in the analyze phase of a DMAIC project, its purpose being to investigate relationships between variables. Usually, the investigator uses this statistic method for uncovering the causal effect of a variable upon another. In the beginning of the regression study he must formulate hypotheses about the type of relationship between the variables of interest. Furthermore, he will need to evaluate the level of confidence that the actual relationship is close to the relationship he estimated. The true ability of a regression analyst is to choose the appropriate sort of regression for each set of data, how to derive the regression from this data, to check the accuracy of the relationship reflected by regression and to make relevant scenarios and predictions based on the obtained results.

A regression analysis assesses correlation between phenomena, and you need to make a clear distinction between correlation and causation, because a proven correlation between two variables does not necessarily mean that one causes the other. Regression helps determining the contribution of factorial variables to the modification of the result variable. In all cases, you will need to establish the regression function, which is a function of the independent variables. For being able to perform an accurate regression analysis you must have a solid understanding of statistic concepts and very good math skills. Such an analysis is a true challenge for every professional so you must take your time and deepen your understanding and practice in this field. 

Free Six Sigma Black Belt Regression Analysis Test

If you have an in-depth knowledge and expertise in all the topics concerning the regression analysis you should accept the challenge of testing it by means of a Black Belt regression analysis test. Achieving the Six Sigma certification for Black Belt should be your final goal, but you need  to make sure you are adequately prepared. For assessing this you could choose to take an online Six Sigma exam, where you will be required to answer many relevant questions on this complex topic. is a reliable company that can provide you a free regression analysis test designed by experts in this field to evaluate your skills, so you should register online for taking this as a step forward to your Six Sigma certification. The quality test provided by Brainmeasures will give you the clear image of where your knowledge stands in terms of advancing to the Black Belt. If you can pass this test, you will be entering the pathway to a broad range of career perspectives 


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