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 If you haven’t heard about DMAIC projects probably you shouldn’t be reading this article, since we will review some of the necessary knowledge and skills for advancing to the title of Black Belt in Six Sigma. Although it is a relatively recent concept, the Six Sigma has gained appreciation for providing the systems and tools to solve problems in a professional and methodical manner.

The Six Sigma is an innovative managerial concept firstly developed by Motorola in 1986. This method aimed to reduce errors and to help making things better and faster through a set of quality standards for daily work. Six Sigma originated as a set of practices designed to improve manufacturing processes and eliminate defects, but its application was subsequently extended. The Six Sigma approach has a very well-defined structure known as the DMAIC project methodology: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, each following a defined sequence of steps and having a quantified financial target. The training for Six Sigma is provided through the belt based training system, with the belt personnel consisting of White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts. If you are already an expert in the Green Belt curricula you will need to extend your knowledge for achieving the Six Sigma Black Belt title. In order to obtain it you must make sure you give equal importance to all the relevant topics of a DMAIC project, and the TPM is definitely worth turning your attention to. TPM stands for Total Productive Maintenance and is one of the tools used in the control phase of a project for improving overall performances. TPM is a concept that has been developed to increase productivity by ensuring reliable and less wasteful processes. For keeping the maintenance requirements as cheap and effective as possible, TPM aims to minimize both downtime and maintenance costs. This process is mostly applied in Lean Manufacturing, whose goal is to reduce and eliminate wastes. There are seven kinds of wastes that need to be eliminated in the view of the Six Sigma: defects, overproduction, transportation, inventory, non-value added processing, waiting and motion.

The TPM approach seeks to increase the productivity of plant and equipment and has evolved from the concept of Total Quality Management. This approach aims to engage all the levels and functions of a corporation for maximizing the general performance of the production equipment. It is seen as a prerequisite for operational excellence. You should know that the famous motto of the TPM is "zero error, zero work-related accidents, and zero loss", therefore we are dealing with a proactive approach. The ultimate goal is to anticipate any errors that might occur so that appropriate measures can be taken to prevent their advent.

The sooner they are foreseen, the better will be for the organization. We should also acknowledge the crucial role people play in ensuring the optimal performance of a process or equipment, regardless of how advanced the technology is. So another aspect of the TPM deals with finding the solutions to increase the morale of the employees and their job satisfactions.

Six Sigma Black Belt TPM Test

Without getting into too much details on the Total Productive Maintenance, you should know the most commonly used tool for achieving its three major goals is the Gap Analysis. Furthermore, you must be familiar with the eight pillars of activity of the TPM if you want to qualify as a Black Belt. It cannot be argued that valuable knowledge on TPM is a prerequisite for passing a Six Sigma exam. An online Six Sigma certification granted by a reliable provider would boost your resume and prove your desire to stay current in this field. A Black Belt TPM test would be a step futher towards achieving this goal, so you should consider taking it. is a quality provider of a free TPM test to evaluate your skills so you should put your trust in this company.

The test has been designed by experts in the domain to review all the relevant aspects of the Total Productive Maintenance. This is why you should choose Brainmeasures to test your skills if you want to find out your level of useful knowledge required for becoming a Black Belt. So you should not hesitate any more and take the challenge of this test  whenever you feel prepared to make a step forward towards a successful career.  


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