The benefits of a free Six Sigma Black Belt Team Management test

Six Sigma is a relatively new concept associated with ensuring quality and planning projects for corporations nowadays. Every business professional should take his time to understand Six Sigma and to implement its principles within his organization.  Thanks to this innovative concept, businesses from all around the world can now obtain improved results of their processes and a reduction of all sorts of losses. 

The Six Sigma approach has a very well-defined structure known as the DMAIC project methodology and it creates a special infrastructure of people within each company who are experts in the DMAIC methods. The training for Six Sigma is granted through the belt based training system, the Black Belts being high on the hierarchy and having the responsibility of leading problem-solving projects and coaching and coordinating projects teams. As a Black Belt professional you are expected to explain Six Sigma philosophies and principles to your team, mentor your fellow colleagues in this field and assign roles and responsibilities for them. Also, as a Six Sigma Black Belt you will be given the trust to develop more complex projects within your organization. Therefore, you need to be sure you could handle all these responsibilities and the first step towards achieving this is to learn. The Black Belt team management is one of the first topics you need to master before deepening your understanding of the DMAIC phases and their corresponding tools. This is owed to the fact that Black Belts are true change agents who are occupying a leading position within a company. What is more, they are full-time team leaders of Six Sigma projects meant to implement process improvements within the company. Black Belts’ mission is very clear and involves leading team experts to fulfill the objectives of their projects for maximizing customer satisfaction and the overall productivity of the business. This is why team management skills are crucial for anyone aspiring to become a successful Six Sigma Black Belt.

There are several topics related to team management you will need to turn your attention to. The first aspect is team formation. You must be familiar with the different types of teams (for example formal or informal) and be able to determine the most suitable type for each given situation. In doing so, you must take into consideration several limitations, such as technology, schedules and so on. Moreover, you should know all about team roles and responsibilities, so that you can assign them for your team members and be sure you choose the right persons for each job. In addition, you will need to make the optimal team member selection taking account of the required skills and expertise and the availability of each person for the project. Once you form the team you must establish rules and timelines and make sure these issues will not affect the success of the team. Another key factor in team management is having the ability to motivate the team you lead and make sure each member is committed to his job. Communication skills are essential for achieving this important goal. Furthermore, you will need to supervise team dynamics and make sure that undesired changes will not occur. Other very important aspects deal with managing time for your team, applying tools for team-decision making purposes, using tools for management and planning, measuring the performances of the team in relation to the objectives and acknowledging and rewarding their accomplishments.  

Six Sigma Black Belt Team Management Exam

Team management is a very important topic to deepen your knowledge on if you want to achieve a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. An online certification would be a reliable way to prove your skills in this field, as long as you choose a trustable provider. However, you need to be sure you have covered every topic if you want to successfuly pass a quality online Six Sigma exam. The Black Belt Team Management is one of the most important topics required for achieving the Black Belt title so you need to take your time to practice in order to harness your abilities.

Once you are confident in your knowledge you should try to take a test to verify exactly where you stand. is a reputed company in the field of online certification and employment testing and can provide you the quality team management test you need to evaluate your capacities. You can take advantage of the fact that Brainmeasures offers free Six Sigma tests to assess your chances to acquire the certification. This would be a very important step in your training for becoming a Black Belt so you should not hesitate and visit the site for taking the test immediately 


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