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For anyone who is not familiar with the Six Sigma concepts and principles it is unlikely to have any ideas on the specific phases of DMAIC projects. On the other hand, professionals worldwide who have accepted the challenge of learning and implementing these principles within their organizations should have valuable knowledge on all these phases and, therefore, should be familiar with ANOVA.

We should first have a look at the origins of the Six Sigma. This concept was initially developed in 1986 by Motorola, its purpose being to reduce errors and to help making things better and faster through a set of quality standards for daily work. Although the Six Sigma originated as a set of practices designed to improve manufacturing processes and eliminate defects, its application was subsequently extended. This business management strategy creates a special infrastructure of people within each company and the training is provided through the belt based system. The Black Belts come exactly after the Master Black Belts who are at the top of the tree. If you are already certified as Green Belt and wish to upgrade to the more prestigious Black Belt title you should make serious efforts for training if you want to be able to pass the Six Sigma Black Belt exam. For achieving this, you must give equal importance to all topics of a DMAIC project, and the ANOVA of the Analyze phase is one essential topic you must know.

ANOVA stands for Analysis of Variance and it is a statistical tool that allows analyzing the impact of different factors on a response in  a regression analysis. It is a very effective tool for the analysis of highly structured experimental data, because it decomposes the total variability found with a set of data amongst two types of factors: random and systematic. Out of these two categories, only the systematic factors contribute to the variability of the data set and should be further analyzed. The importance of the ANOVA derives from its ability to identify which factors have a significant influence on the output and how much of the variability in the response variable can be attributed to each such factor.

ANOVA is useful whenever we need to compare more than two means or to see if the means of several groups are equal. Therefore the analysis of variance allows the generalisation of the t-test for more than two groups. The variability in a set of data is quantified by the scatter of data entries around the mean. In order to calculate a variance first you will need to calculate the mean and then the deviations of each data point from the mean. However you should know that raw deviations do not provide a measure of variability, but if they are squared before summation this sum will indeed indicate variability. As a result, variability will increase along with the scatter of the data entries around the mean. This quantity is known as a sum of squares (SS) and it is a central topic in ANOVA. Nevertheless, the SS is not useful in comparisons between groups because it depends on the size of the data set. The solution is to convert it into a variance by dividing it by n-1, n being the number of data entries in the set. You should know that variance is a measure of variability that takes account of the number of data informations. If you want to prove your knowledge on ANOVA you must also be familiar with the three types of models that are being used in this analysis.  

Six Sigma Black Belt ANOVA Test

All this being considered, ANOVA is a very important step in the analyze phase of a DMAIC project, so you mush prove to have a deep understanding of its principles and tools if you want pass a Black Belt ANOVA test. It is also an important step in your preparation for acquiring the valuable Six Sigma certification. This is why you should have your skills in this field evaluated by means of a free ANOVA exam.

Out of the various providers of online tests, Brainmeasures has designed an array of free Six Sigma Black Belt tests for assessing your knowledge on this managerial concept and its implementation. You should put your trust in this company for taking a free ANOVA test because Brainmeasures is highly reputable in online certifications and employment testing. So you should not hesitate and take this test to review your skills as a preamble to acquiring the prestigious Black Belt title 


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