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 If you come across this sequence of words for the first time, „Six Sigma Black Belt Chi Square Analysis” is likely to sound intimidating. On the other hand, if you know what Six Sigma is about you should have heard about Black Belt too. And if you have an in-depth knowledge on the subject, you should also be familiar with the concept of chi square analysis.

Despite the fact it is a relatively recent managerial concept, the Six Sigma has gained appreciation for providing the systems and tools to solve problems in a professional and methodical manner. Although it originated as a set of practices designed to improve manufacturing processes and eliminate defects, its application was subsequently extended to any process with a measurable outcome. The Six Sigma approach is a flexible and comprehensible system for achieving and sustaining business success. The system is focused on the profound knowledge of customer requirements, on improving the quality of products and minimizing the costs. The Six Sigma methodology can be applied in the production activity and the service industry alike, whether or not we are talking about speeding up the processes, bettering their outputs or cost reductions. It has a very well-structured approach known as the DMAIC methodology, each letter from the name designing a particular phase in developing a project: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Each one of these phases follows a defined sequence of steps and has a quantified financial objective (either cost reduction, increase in profit or both).

DMAIC Six Sigma projects can be implemented in every organization for increasing its value and such projects create an entire infrastructure of professionals, all of them being experts in the forementioned methods. Six Sigma is provided through the belt based training system, and the hierarchy of the belt personnel consists of White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts, the latter being at the top of the tree. If you are already certified as Green Belt and wish to upgrade to the more prestigious Black Belt title you should train for being able to pass the Six Sigma Black Belt exam. In order to do so, you should give equal importance to all topics related to this challenge and the chi square analysis step of the Analyze phase should not be overlooked.  

The chi square test is the most important and most used tool of the nonparametric statistical tests and helps us determine if the observed frequencies are significantly different from the expected ones. You must first establish your null hypothesis in order to perform the chi square test. The observed frequencies are the ones that are already gathered, while the expected frequencies are the expected values based on your hypothesis. You should of course be able to calculate chi squared and interpret it. For achieving this you must also be familiar with the degrees of freedom. Without getting into too much detail, we can conclude that chi square is a valuable analysis tool and you must make sure you can use it appropriately.

Six Sigma Certification

You might argue that there is no need for you to deepen your understanding on statistical methods for becoming a Black Belt because your main responsibility will be to lead the project team and you will certainly have a specialist in your team to handle such problems. You should take into consideration the fact that even the most thoroughly prepared professional is susceptible to mistakes and it is always better to have more perspectives on a particular problem.

You as a Black Belt should have the required knowledge and expertise to assist team members in accomplishing their duties. It would be both a way to interact more efficiently with your fellow workers and a way to gain their respect for your dedication to all the relevant topics concerning a Six Sigma project

If you aim to achieve a Six Sigma certification for Black Belt you must prove valuable knowledge on all the phases of a DMAIC project, including the chi square analysis. Without question an online certification taken from a reputed provider would look good in your resume, but you must first be able to pass an online exam on this subject. is one of the companies that understood the importance of Six Sigma principles for an organization and has developed a vast array of tests to evaluate your knowledge on the matter.

What is more, this company can provide you a free Six Sigma test for each topic of the DMAIC methodology so you should take these tests to see if you are really worthy of getting the certification or you will need to deepen your knowledge and skills


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