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It cannot be questioned we live in a demanding world. Everyone expects the best from us: our relatives, our employers, even the community we live in. Well, sometimes we may find it hard to cope with all these expectations. Here is where stress comes into place. We find ourselves overstrained, under the weather and bad humored and we tend to push us too hard, forgetting our body might collapse at a certain point. Some of us become true working machines who can’t seem to do anything but work, work and work again. We fail to rest appropriately, we start eating junk because of stress and we make the step forward to an unhealthy life. Fitness is an activity that can help us deal with this risk in two ways: either by preventing such events from happening and set a healthier lifestyle for us or by helping us overcome the undesirable effects of unhealthy habits on our body. This is why more and more people have embraced a career in this industry to keep up with the trend. Undoubtedly, it would make a promising choice for a career and a pleasant way to earn your living. So for everyone looking to make their entry in this fascinating industry we will present the need to be well informed on one of the most popular exercises for the abs: abdominal flutter kicks.

You should know that contrary to what you might think, fitness is not only about sculpting muscles. It is a physical activity, it is true, but its benefits do not rely only on stretching and toning our muscular system. Fitness is a dynamic activity that helps us achieve well-being regardless of physical or psychological limitations and offers a multitude of benefits. Relaxing and making our muscles more flexible, losing the extra weight, maintaining and improving health, bettering our physical condition and helping us stay optimistic are just a few examples of the positive changes that fitness may bring to our lives. You should know, however, that fitness is not only about physical exercise, but also about correct nutrition and enough rest. Nevertheless, we will focus in this article on the need for you to handle all sorts of fitness exercises, and especially the particular abs exercise we have already mentioned. This is owed to the fact that if you fancy the idea of pursuing a career in this field, you must be sure you give the proper importance to every aspect of the job, including the specific exercises for different parts of the body.

Abdominal Flutter Kicks Certification Test

As a consequence, you must be familiar with all the exercises that can be done with or without equipment for toning and shaping muscles. Abdominal flutter kicks do not require any special equipment other than a mat. The performer of this exercise must lie flat on his back with his arms by his sides and the palms facing inward. He must then extend his knees to the maximum while keeping his knees slightly bended. The difficulty of the exercise consists in lifting the heels off the floor a little bit and then making small and rapid up and down scissor-like movements with the legs. The challenge for anyone doing this exercise is to have complete control over their abs and make sure these are constantly contracted throughout the exercise. You as a professional in this field will be expected to guide your trainees into doing this exercise correctly and get them in shape. And you cannot achieve this goal if you don’t fully master the exercise. is the global leader in online certification and employment testing and is offering a quality abdominal flutter kicks test to assess your knowledge on the subject. This free abdominal exercises exam will show you if you have given this topic the proper importance when preparing for a career in personal training. Moreover, it will be a step forward towards the fitness trainer certification that would boost your resume and your income. While non-accreditated personal trainers earn an average $72,000, upon getting certified you can earn much more if you choose the provider carefully. So you should not hesitate and take the free fitness test we have discussed in this article from Brainmeasures as a way to advance to the personal trainer certification you need for your successful career.


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