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 Access is a part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs, therefore the basic elements of its interface such as menus, toolbars or dialog boxes will seem familiar to those who have used other Office or Microsoft Windows programs. Nevertheless, Access differs in size dimensions from the majority of these programs and it might seem more complex until you get familiar with it.

Microsoft Access 2003 is a database management system released by Microsoft in 2003, providing a powerful set of tools. In its most elementary approach, a database is the on-computer equivalent of an organised list of informations. Usually, these informations have a common subject or purpose. The list is organised in the form of a table, with rows and columns. If a database would do nothing more than to store informations in tables it would be as useful as a piece of paper. But since databases store data in an electronic format, they can be manipulated in more efficient ways that extend their utility. The true importance of a database lies not only in its capacity to store informations, but in the possibility to quickly find the ones you really need.

Simple database programs like the Database component of Microsoft Works can store informations in a single table. More complex programs of this kind, like the MS Access, have the capacity to store informations in many interrelated tables, forming what is called a relational database. If the informations in a relational database are correctly organised, these multiple tables can be treated as a single storage area and allow the electronic extraction of the contained informations in no particular order, according to necessities. This is why if you are familiar with Microsoft Access you will be able to provide powerful solutions for customers in need, hence the utility of a MS Access 2003 certification for your career.

In order to achieve the MS Access 2003 certification you must prove relevant knowledge on the basic and advanced features of Access 2003, together with the forms, reports and the security procedures used in this version. Moreover, you must be experienced in working with databases and tables and you have to be familiar with the SQL programming language. A table is just one of the objects you can work with in Access. Queries, forms and reports are other types of such objects. Out of all these objects, only the table is used for storing data. The rest are used for managing, manipulating, analysing, finding and publishing the informations from tables. In short, they are designed to make the informations more accessible and, therefore, as useful as possible.

One of the options to access informations in a database is by formulating queries. They are meant to find informations that can be subsequently visualized, analyzed or modified. Access tables are dense lists with raw informations. If you create a database for your personal use you might feel comfortable working directly with tables. However, if you create a database to be edited by people who don’t know much about it working with tables can be difficult. This is why Access 2003 offers the possibility to project forms to guide users through a database. Forms are windows where controls can be inserted to either provide informations to users or to accept input informations from them. If you work in an organization you might be asked to file reports. MS Access 2003 helps by providing you with the tools to export informations from tables to elegant and accessible formats, either on screen or on paper. What is more, Access permits you to create pages for allowing users to manipulate database informations through intranet or Internet. To conclude, the utility of this program is unquestionable, both for personal and organizational use.

Online MS Access 2003 Test

 If your dream job is to work with databases you should consider taking an online MS Access certification as a powerful add to your resume. Why is that? Because online certifications are a trustable proof of your skills and can easily be achieved if you have relevant knowledge. is a reliable provider of the online MS Access 2003 test and owns an ISO certification as proof of the quality of the test.

If you successfully pass the MS Access 2003 exam you will be given the valuable certification that will be a step further towards your desired career. So if you think you are capable in this field register online and prove your skills in a trust-worthy way.


  • Access 2003 Features
  • Access 2003 Forms
  • Access 2003 Reports
  • Access 2003 Security
  • Access Advanced Features
  • Access Fundamentals
  • Databases and Tables
  • SQL Concepts

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40  multiple choice questions.

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