Quark Xpress 7.0 Certification for your career

For those who are first timers in dealing with Quark Xpress, working their way through this integrated publishing package might prove to be difficult. On the other hand, for those who are already familiar with it and have relevant knowledge on the topic it should be a pleasure to work in it. Either way, for those who wish to pursue a career in graphics designing Quark Xpress can be of real help. We will discuss in this article the skills needed to handle Quark Xpress 7.0 and the reasons why you should get certified once you have what it takes.

We should begin by saying that Quark Xpress is the flagship product of the famous Quark company having its headquarters in Denver, USA. It is a print publishing software that enables designers to create many projects, such as brochures, newsletters, advertisements, product packagings and multimedia projects for newspapers, magazines and catalogs. This powerful application successfully blends graphics-handling features with state-of-the-art illustration tools and diverse prepress functions. If you know how to handle all the available tools of Quark Xpress 7.0, you will be able to put into practice everything you have in your mind when it comes to designing. Through the efficient use of typography and layout instruments, you will have the complete control over your design, from the conception phase to the final outcome.

To take full benefit from this application, you will need to be familiar with the layout basics of Quark Xpress and with the new and improved features brought by the 7.0 version. First of all, you should be able to work in a WYSIWYG environment. The initials, as you may know, stand for What You See Is What You Get. Secondly, you should have the relevant know-how in using palletes and layers, in working with lines, boxes, text and tables and in manipulating items in Quark Xpress 7.0. If you can handle typography tools and know the keyboard shortcuts used in this program your tasks will seem much easier to accomplish. The 2006 version of Quark Xpress, the 7.0, has brought a few significant new features to increase the functionality of the program. For instance, Quark Xpress 7.0 is the first Unicode-compliant version and it supports PPML. PPML stands for Personalized Print Markup Language and allows handling variable data within the Xpress pages. Furthermore, a new feature has been implemented in Xpress 7.0: the Job Jacket system that enables a better colaboration between publishers and production partners. Moreover, this version supports 23 OpenType features that allow designers to use different languages in the same paragraph in Quark Xpress 7.0. Also thanks to such features, spell checks in multiple language are now available. The application allows multi-channel publishing and colaboration and offers workflow capabilities for print and publishing on the Web. Other additional features are the Composition Zones that allow you to choose a specific area of your layouts that you can use in many documents or that other designers can work on in the same time. All this being considered, it is obvious that Quark Xpress 7.0 has been developed to better serve the needs of designers and makes it easier for such professionals to coordinate their work, optimize their designs and reduce production errors. If you take account of the fact that Quark Xpress has once been the market leader with more than 95% market share, it seems that this application is indeed a powerful one and any designer should take the time and learn it.

Quark Xpress 7.0 Certification Test

If graphics designing and working for an important publishing house is your dream job, you must acquire Quark Xpress skills to ease your entry. Once you have what it takes, you should get the certification too. A Quark Xpress 7.0 certification would bolster your resume and raise you above your peers. Moreover, an online certification would be a reliable proof that you are committed to excellence in this career, so you should choose a worthy provider and take the offered online Quark Xpress exam. Brainmeasures.com is the world leader in online certifications and would be a trustable provider for the quality Quark Xpress 7.0 test standing in the way of your successful career in this fascinating domain. To conclude, if you are a success-driven person with affinity for the ever-growing print publishing industry, a certification in Quark Xpress provided by Brainmeasures.com is exactly what you need. This company invites you to measure your skills and abilities and to discover your entire working potential in this field. Such a certification will undoubtedly prove to be a highlight of your resume.


  • Job Jacket and Trapping
  • Layout Basics
  • Manipulating Items and Using
  • Manipulating Items and Using Lines
  • Pictures
  • Shared Content and Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Typography
  • Using Palettes and Layers
  • Web Layouts
  • Working with Boxes and Text
  • Working with Color, Opacity and Tables

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

Pricing and Payment Options

Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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