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Taking into consideration the growing role computers play in our lives at present, it cannot be questioned that a career in IT would be very promising. What is more, it is always advisable to get certified in some of the most in demand certifications, and the information technology field makes no exception. If you dream to work on some of the fastest supercomputers available you must have excellent Linux skills and this is why in this article we will bring into question this popular operating system. We will see more of its renowned characteristics and we will also present you the skills required to work on such a computing platform. In the final section of the article we will emphasize the importance of taking certifications for your skills and if yours revolve around Linux you should really consider acquiring a certification on this topic.

First of all, you should know Linux is the fastest growing operating system nowadays, so you should not be having second thoughts on whether skills in Linux would be in demand. It is obvious the mission of learning Linux will seem easier to those having the proper IT educational background. But, on the other hand, those of you who are passionate about this domain but do not have the basics should not feel discouraged either. In the end, it is only a matter of personal willingness and dedication to learn if you want to pursue such a career. Many people are actually taking this challenge in spite of all odds, because they are aware of the actuality of a job in IT nowadays. It is particularly easy to learn at present times, when there are lots of sources available, from books to online websites. You should also know there is a Linux Community on the web and you can find lots of valuable information on this operating system and its insights. Here you can find free online courses that help you walk through Linux and learn it, from beginner level to the advanced one.

The Linux operating system has been developed by Linux Torvalds from a kernel and it has been first released in 1991. Just as any operating systems, it is only an interface between the hardware components of the computer or server and the applications that run on them. Linux is available under free and open source software, so developers are invited to bring their contribution to the further development of this operating system. Linux is the operating system that has been implemented on more hardware platforms than any other such system. What is more, it is the one mostly used on servers, mainframe computers and supercomputers. An interesting fact about Linux is that the ten fastest supercomputers in the world nowadays are running on Linux versions. Furthermore, more than 90% of today’s fastest 500 such devices run on Linux. It also runs on cellulars, tablet PCs, network routers and video game consoles, to name just a few such embedded devices.

Online Linux Test

In order to prove you have Linux skills you must know how to install it, work with programs, master the useful commands, work with disk, drives and files and be familiar with networking and security issues. If you have all these skills, virtually nobody could question your Linux abilities. But you must try to raise you above your peers if you want to build a career around your Linux skills and this is why a Linux certification would be a great asset for you. In order to achieve it you must pass a Linux exam and the most convenient alternative would be to take it via online skill testing. But you must be careful in choosing the provider if you want to reap all the benefits out of this certificate. You should opt for, the leading company in online certification and employee testing, due to the quality of the hiring tests it provides. For example, while non-accreditated Linux administrators earn an average $89,000 annually, upon getting this certification from a reputed company like Brainmeasures you could significantly increase your earnings. So you should not hesitate and register for this test whenever you feel prepared to showcase your skills in a reliable way and achieve an important certification for your career.


  • Basic Concepts
  • Commands
  • Networking and Security
  • Utilities

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

Pricing and Payment Options

Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


All the information regarding this test has been clearly stated inside the login account and you must read it properly before starting your test. Good luck !

Test Re-take Policy

You can take any no of retakes, they are free!!

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