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It is always a challenge to decide which career we want to follow and what profession would suit us the best. While some of us dislike routine and wish to face new challenges each day and be independent, others prefer the comfort of a daily agenda and always knowing what they have to do. Careers are very different and each of them requires a specific education and training. In this article we wish to draw your attention to one particular line of work: the trucking industry. You will have the clear perspective of a job in this field and of the skills needed to handle job duties in this case. For those who are keen on the idea of working in this industry we will also emphasize the benefits of achieving a Trucking Awareness and Terminology Certification.

First of all, you should know this industry is also known as the transportation or logistics industry and it refers to the transport and distribution of particular types of goods using commercial motor vehicles. The goods that are transported can be either commercial or industrial. In this particular field, CMVs are usually trucks, semi trucks, dump trucks or box trucks. The persons in charge of driving them and ensuring the safe transport of the goods in question is called a truck driver and these professionals provide an important service to the economy of a country. The reason behind this affirmation is that they transport huge quantities of raw materials, works in progress and finished goods and they cover vast areas of the land in this process. In addition, they are important to the construction industry because dump trucks are essential for transporting the large amounts of building materials used in this line of work. In most countries from the developed world, the trucking industry is in charge of most of the freight movement and is essential in such industries as transportation, warehousing and manufacturing.

What you must first know when wishing to apply for a job as truck driver is that you will need a special driver’s license called CDL. This type of license is a prerequisite for being allowed to drive large trucks and buses. You cannot obtain this license unless you have a particular education and training. You must meet special knowledge requirements, know everything about the characteristics of such large vehicles and how to handle them. Furthermore, you must adhere to the hours of service which are very specific regulations. These hours of service refer to the amount of driving hours that you as a commercial truck driver must cover. It goes without saying that you must also follow the rules that concern the safety of interstate commercial driving. Apart from all these, you must pass a physical examination consisting of vision and hearing screenings. This test must be passed every two years in order to keep your license and it is all meant to ensure your safety and the integrity of the goods that you will deliver. Upon choosing such a career, you will get to travel a lot, see vast areas of land and be more independent at the workplace.

Trucking Awareness Test

If you wish to pursue a career in trucking you must prove you have given the right importance to every relevant topic related to this domain starting with the adequate terminology. This is why the certification we mentioned in the introduction would be a great asset to attach to your resume. You will never be able to access a profession in this field if you don’t know the terminology that is used in this working environment. If you have what it takes, you should try an online Trucking Awareness and Terminology exam to assess your knowledge. Online tests are highly trustable and worthy of an employer’s recognition as long as they are taken from reliable companies on the Web. But if you want to make a good investment for your future you cannot afford to choose ineptly the provider of such a test for you. can become your best alternative, because it is the global leader in online certification and employment testing and offers a quality online test on trucking. The form of online skill testing is set to assess your abilities in this field and once you pass it you will receive the valuable certificate that will boost your resume and your career chances. You should know that a certified truck driver earns much more than a non-accreditated such specialist, whose annual salary is about $59,000. So do not hesitate and register for this test immediately as a pathway to your career success as a specialist in this domain of interest.


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