Microcomputer Applications Awareness and Terminology

The invention of computers is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of all time due to their utility and the countless of applications they support. These amazing devices have slowly conquered the world and nowadays most people cannot imagine their life without computers. The term “microcomputer” should not intimidate you. On the contrary, you should know it is a synonym for “PC” or “personal computer” as we all know it. We should all be aware of the times we live in and accept the challenge of learning how to work on computers because these amazing devices have been designed to make our life easier, not only at work, but also at home. This is why in this article we will discuss about microcomputers and the software that is used nowdays. Moreover, you should be aware that upon having skills in microcomputer apps you could target a variety of careers. Whatever job you wish to pursue in this field you must prove you have microcomputer applications awareness and this is why in the final section of the article we will emphasize the benefits of acquiring a certification on this topic.

We should begin by clearing the air concerning the term „microcomputer”. Microcomputers refer to computers equipped with a microprocessor. These devices have been designed for personal use in the form of personal computers, notebooks or workstations. In other words, microcomputers are the ones used by individuals all over the world. In fact, these devices have turned out to become true gateways to the world. You should therefore know what are the components of a microcomputer: a microprocessor as the central processing unit, a memory system, a bus system and input-output ports, all these elements being integrated on a motherboard. Modern times have brought the advent of modern desktop computers as well. Other devices such as video game consoles, tablet PCs, laptops and pocket calculators are also considered as microcomputers. These devices suit a variety of purposes, from keeping record of our expenses and accomplishing our daily tasks at work to watching movies for fun, playing games and communicating with people from all over the world. Moreover, there are countless applications available for microcomputers that are extremely useful in the corporate world. However, you must be aware this software is always being upraded so companies worldwide are permenently looking for skilled people to handle such applications.

You should not think that microcomputer applications skills are not on demand nowadays, because as we already mentioned this softtware is always needed in the corporate environment and organizations worldwide are seeking professionals to be able to cope with these changes. Here is where you could apply your skills in word processing, managing information, database management, desktop publishing, Internet programs and graphics designing. Upon having such valuable knowledge you could target many jobs, raging from assistant manager, help desk specialist and database administrator to desktop publishing expert, graphic designer and computer applications specialist. Whatever such job you wish to pursue you will need to prove you are truly comitted to it and the best method is to show you master the adequate terminology used in the respective field. This way you will prove you are aware of the challenges posed by such a career and you have given each topic the right importance in your training.

Online Microcomputer Applications Test

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