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There are many people out there who are confused about what would be the best career for them. Most of us have been born with inclinations in a particular field, but while some discover their potential and address their skills to the respective industry, others are hesitating. Also, some people prefer to work for an employer and be a part of a company, while others prefer to get self-employed and work as freelancers. There is another category of people too: those who have a particular leisure activity that they love and they build a career around it. It is the case of photographers, professional athletes, climbers, hikers and so on. In this article we will focus your attention to a domain that appeals to many people of all cultures: fishing and aquaculture. You will see how you can make a true career from your passion for aquatic organisms. For those passionate about the idea and committed to a career in ecology we will present in the final paragraph the benefits of achieving an Aquaculture Awareness Certification.

We should begin with a definition of aquaculture to see what it is about. You should know aquaculture is also known as aquafarming and this term says more about the main activities concerned in this domain. It is all about farming aquatic organisms, from aquatic plants and fish of all kinds to molluscs and crustaceans. You should not confuse aquaculture with commercial fishing, because the latter deals with harvesting wild fish. On the other hand, aquaculture specialists cultivate in controlled conditions and they cultivate not only freshwater, but also saltwater populations. It goes without saying that depending on what they cultivate we can find many types of aquaculture. Particular such types include fish farming, algaculture which is also known as seaweed farming, oyster farming, shrimp farming and the cultivation of ornamental fish for aquariums. It is obvious that each type of such farming has its particularities and specific methods for cultivating, but it is not our main intention here to focus on aquaculture procedures and methods.

Aquaculture is quite useful for us humans, because reports state that the global aquaculture production supplies half of the amount of fish and shellfish that is directly consumed by us. However, the reliability of these reported figures is still to be questioned. You should know aquaculture has been practiced since the beginnings of time by the early civilizations like indigenous people, the Chinese, the Japanese and the Romans. In order to be acknowledged as a professional in this line of work you must know everything about the characteristics of farming aquatic organisms. You should know farming involves specific intervention in the process of rearing, intervention that is meant to enhance production. Means for intervening refer to stocking, feeding fish, protecting them from predators, and such important activities for keeping populations safe. This is in fact the purpose of cultivating under controlled conditions. Another characteristic of farming is that the person or company that cultivates populations has the ownership of the stock that is being cultivated. In this domain if you have the required knowledge and skills you can start your own aquaculture company or address your skills to an already existing such company from the territory you live in.

Online Aquaculture Awareness Test

Whatever choice you want to make it is crucial for you to master the adequate concepts and terminology associated with aquaculture. If you also have a piece of paper to testify your knowledge and skills you will enhance your personal brand and your career perspectives. Here is where can be of assistance to you. This company is the global leader in online certification and skill testing and provides a quality online aquaculture awareness test to evaluate your knowledge and skills in this domain. Brainmeasures is reputed for the quality of the tests it provides and the aquaculture exam makes no exception. If you successfully pass this exam nobody can question your capabilities and you will receive a valuable certificate that will boost your financial perspectives as well. While the average annual salary of an aquaculture specialist is $0(Free),000, with the Aquaculture Terminology Certification attached to your resume you could earn much more. So there is no reason why you should refuse the challenge of taking this test if you have what it takes and are committed to a career in aquaculture.


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