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We are living in a world of telecommunications and we are compelled to adapt to it. But the mission is even more difficult for mobile companies in the industry because they must do whatever it takes to keep up with the expectations of customers worldwide. This is why there are constantly being brought significant developments in mobile technologies. In this article we wish to draw your attention to the 3GSM technology for networks. We will present you some fundamental concepts that 3GSM operates with and we will also emphasize the skills needed for being considered proficient with this technology. Once you have what it takes you could try to make your entry in this field and a certification would be a real support for you in this process. This is why we will also outline the benefits that a 3GSM certification would bring to those acquiring it.

We should begin by taking a glimpse at the 3GSM technology. You might not be familiar with the term but you could have heard of UMTS or FOMA. You should know all three terms refer to the same technology. UMTS stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System and FOMA is short for Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access. 3GSM is a 3G mobile technology for networks. As you may already know, 3G refers to the third generation of mobile phones and the technology is based on the GSM standard. You should be aware that GSM is the most widely spread mobile telephony standard in the world and it is the mobile attribute of many devices nowadays. The success of the Internet led to the further development of the GSM standards that now enable mobile access to the Internet with high speeds. For this purpose there have been implemented over time many GSM standards, including the 3GSM. The purpose of the 3G systems has been to enable global mobility and a multitude of telecommunication services, including voice communications, SMS, MMS, paging, Internet services such as Web browsing and e-mail and broadband data.

If you are passionate about mobile technologies perhaps you have heard of 3GPP. It is the Third Generation Partnership Project that was formed in 1998 for developing this new technology and continuing its standardization process. Unlike its competitors, EDGE and CDMA2000, 3GSM needs new base stations and new allocations of frequency. This technology can transmit broadband data at speeds that can reach 2 Mbits/sec. Moreover, apart from delivering voice and information, UMTS can deliver audio and video data to wireless devices all across the world. There are fixed, wireless and satellite systems that make this possible.

It is not the purpose of this article to provide you all the useful information on 3GSM, because you should take the time and learn it for yourself if you want to pursue a career in the mobile industry. However, we have stated in the introductory paragraph our intention to emphasize the relevant knowledge you need to have on this topic. Because it is the result of the improvements that have been made to the GSM technology, it is obvious you will need to be familiar with the GSM architecture to get the hang of the 3GSM technology. You will also be expected to know the fundamental concepts and features of this 3G technology. Last, but not least, because UMTS is a 3G technology, you need to have an in-depth knowledge on W-CDMA, the air interface standard used in 3G mobile telephony networks. If you have all these topics covered there is nothing that could stop you from getting the certification on 3GSM.

Online 3GSM Test

It is always advisable to take certifications for your skills, because you will enhance your personal brand and prove your commitment to a specific career. Moreover, you will improve your financial perspectives. While UMTS engineers earn an average $92,000 annually, upon getting the certificate you could significantly increase your earnings. For acquiring the certification you could resort to online skill testing. Among the various providers of an online 3GSM exam, Brainmeasures.com truly stands out. It is the leading company in online certification and employee testing and can offer you a quality test on 3GSM that has been designed by experts in this field. You should choose Brainmeasures if you want to make a smart investment for your career and reap all the benefits from the valuable 3GSM certification it provides once you pass the test.


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