Accounting skills (cash flow) Certification for a successful career

The essential element in financial management nowadays is the cash-flow. Cash flow management and analysis is a very important process both in periods of economic boom and during economic crisis. Experience has shown that you could turn bankrupt in spite of being profitable if you don’t have an adequate cash management strategy. It is also important to acknowledge that cash flow management is essential in every stage of the business life cycle. However, very few entrepreneurs join the market with a business plan including an estimation of incomes and expenditures.

This article aims to draw your attention on the importance of cash flow management for the success of a company, on the required skills in order to achieve a certification in this field and on the future prospects brought by this accomplishment. We should first analyze what cash flow is, in fact. The term refers to the movement or money into or out of a financial product, project or business. More specific, it deals with the cash inflows and outflowa throughout an accounting period. The flow is measured during a limited period of time and is calculated by adding amortisation and provisions to the net profit of the company. Another way of determining a company’s cash flow is by totalising the operational, the investment and the financing cash flows. One the one hand, the operational cash flow results from the company’s internal activity and is calculated by adding changes to working capital to the cash earnings.

On the other hand, the investment cash flow comprises the money received for selling fixed assets or spent on investments, acquisitions or fixed assets. Lastly, the financing cash flow deals with cash received from the launching of debt and equity or paid in the form of dividends, share repurchases or debt repayments.

Cash flow is crucial to a company’s solvency and business survival on the market, therefore a skilled professional in this field is indispensable. It is not sufficient to have the in-depth knowledge on the matter, but you should be able to put it into practice and provide an accurate analysis, to reflect the financial position of the company and its perspectives in the future. Cash flow takes the real pulse of a company and without a properly administrated cash-flow we could not have a clear image on its liquidity and solvency. All the cases of spectacular bankruptcies from the world economy are a proof that it is not always enough to sell a lot.

Above all things, cash flow represents the balance - it will show what happened with the financial movements and help to plan the company’s activity. The financial life of corporations worldwide has become extremely complicated in present times when financial resources are limited, this is why all companies are seeking skilled cash flow consultants to help them manage their business in a profitable way. Therefore, if you are committed to a career in finance and accounting you should try to get certified in this field to broaden your career opportunities

Accounting skills (cash flow) Test

 If you seek an accounting skills certification concerning cash flow you should be able to conduct an accurate cash flow analysis and take the most appropriate measures depending on the company’s situation. As an experienced and skilled cash flow consultant you should know what needs to be done when the company is facing cash flow deficits and how can you take the full benefit out of the times when the cash flow is positive.

Concerning the utility of an accounting skills (cash flow) certification, you might be inclined to think it is enough to have the required skills and to be ready to prove them in practical situations. This might apply to those already employed in this field, but to beginners and aspiring cash flow analysts it could be difficult because they don’t have a vast expertise and employers are seeking for properly qualified professionals to put their trust in. An online certification is indeed a method of enhancing your personal brand in the eyes of a reticent employer so you should not hesitate any more.

You can register for an accounting skills exam and prove your skills in a trustable way. This will happen only if you choose a reliable provider. can be the best alternative for you and provide you the quality accounting skills test you need in  this field. So you should take the challenge and register online for acquiring the cash flow certification that will ease your advancement in the business industry.


  • Calculating Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow and Debt Financing
  • Cash Flow and Equity
  • Cash Flow Classification
  • Cash Flow Cycle
  • Cash Flow Transactions
  • Effect on Cash
  • General Cash Flow Statements

No. of Questions

40  multiple choice questions.

Each question has between 2 and 5 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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Free US payable through any of the following:

Secure online credit/debit card transaction

The fee includes the cost of the hard copy certificate of accomplishment and world-wide mailing charges.


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