The perspectives of having a Creative Writing (UK version)

If you have a very rich imagination and are passionate about the idea of writing poems, stories and even books you could exercise your talent and pursuit a career in this field. What is more, if you live in the UK or you fancy the idea of moving there and building a career as a creative writer you should consider getting a certification in the UK version of creative writing. This article is intended to present you the skills required to obtain a certification for fiction writing and what future perspectives lie beyond such an accomplishment.

First of all we should shed light upon the characteristics of a fiction creative writing. The term „fiction” suggests that we are dealing with works that are based on the sheer imagination of the writer, unlike non-fiction works that are inspired by tangible and existing aspects of our world. Creative writing denotes a piece of writing that goes beyond the academic and journalistic way of presenting facts and  is written in a style that moves the reader and gets him involved in the unfolding events. You should know that there are three types of fiction writings you could embrace if you choose a career in this domain: realistic, non-realistic and semi-fiction. Realistic fiction writings present actions and events that, even though they are not real at present, might become true in the future. Perhaps the best example for such a writing are the books of Jules Verne, for example „From the Earth to the Moon”. Non-realistic fiction depicts events that are impossible to happen in real life, such as supernatural events, alternatives of important hystorical moments from the past that didn’t actually happen or simply because we don’t have the proper technology for such events to become true. An eloquent example of such writings is the popular Harry Potter series of books. Last, but not least, semi-fiction is fiction with lots of elements of non-fiction. The best example is a fiction book based on a true story. As you can see, depending on how imaginative you are you can decide what kind of fiction writings would suit you the best.

Fiction writings can be poems, stories, short stories, novels, even screenplays or playwritings. For being able to create such works you should master the elements of fiction, among which the most importants are plot, exposition, climax and resolution. Then you must be able to build your characters and to place them into different conflicts in order to keep readers guessing what is going to happen with them in the end of your narration. In addition, you should decide which writing technique would suit your story the best. This is where Fiction writing UK version can help you. However, you should first try to write in a vast range of genres to see your strengths and weaknesses and to identify the ideal type of writing for you. If you would like to make a career in creative writing fiction you should try to hone your skills and develop as a writer, and the most efficient way of achieving this is to practice.  

Online Creative Writing Fiction (UK Version) Test

Whether you are an aspiring writer or you already have some experience it would be good for you to deepen your understanding on the essentials of the writing process, on how could you polish your work and make it understandable to readers and worth publicating. Because this should be your final goal: getting your work published and being appreciated in this line of work. Once you reached this level and consider yourself able to pass a fiction writing exam you can get a trustable certification for your talents. Online certifications are time and cost-effective and are the alternative at hand for anyone trying to enhance his personal brand in the eyes of employers. is the trustworthy provider you need for the fiction writing test standing in the way of your personal acknowledgement in this field.

The company is ISO 9001-2008 certified and is presently the world leader in the field of online certifications and employment testing. You should not hesitate and visit the website in order to acquire the online creative writing certification that will pave you the way to a successful and rewarding career.


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